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AI Robot Lawyer Gets Hired in a Law Firm: Attorneys are in Trouble

The world’s first artificially intelligent robot lawyer gets hired in its first official law firm, Baker & Hostetler.

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Legal research is expensive and relatively time consuming. A group of students from the University of Toronto, created a startup that built a legal application built on IBM’s Watson platform. Meet Ross, the artificial intelligence robot lawyer that can assist every lawyer in their daily work. Ross will help lawyers answer legal questions, and learn from them as well.

AI Robot Lawyer (Source: Linkedin)

Now, the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney gets hired in its first official law firm, Baker & Hostetler. The law firm announced that they are employing IBM’s AI Ross to handle their bankruptcy practice, which currently consists of almost 50 lawyers. According to Andrew Arruda, the CEO and cofounder of ROSS Intelligence, other firms have also signed licenses with Ross, and they will soon be making announcements as well.

The Creators of AI Robot Lawyer, Team Ross from the University of Toronto (Source: Metronews)

Ross has been named “the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney”. It was built on IBM’s cognitive computer Watson. It has been designed to read and understand language, postulate hypothesis when it is asked questions, research and it can also generated responses as well as references and citations to back up its conclusions. Ross can learn from experience as well, it gets knowledge the more you interact with it.

AI Robot Lawyer (Source: Inquisitr)

According to the website, “You ask your questions in plain English, as you would a colleague, and ROSS then reads through the entire body of law and returns a cited answer and topical readings from legislation, case law and secondary sources to get you up-to-speed quickly.”

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“In addition, ROSS monitors the law around the clock to notify you of new court decisions that can affect your case.”

Ross also has the ability to get the most relevant answers to your questions. It minimizes the time it takes by narrowing down results from a large number to the most highly relevant answers. It will then present the answers in a more understandable way.

AI Robot Lawyer (Source: Suits via Melty)

Ross also keeps up with new developments in the legal system, especially those which are relevant to the user’s present cases. It doesn’t flood you with random legal news.

This topic may be connected to the possibility that AI may replace people in their jobs in the future. Probably in the near future, we won’t need to look for human lawyers anymore. What do you think? Now that the first AI lawyer has been developed, we can expect feedback in the near future.

AI Robot Lawyer (Source: Giphy)

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