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Can You Really Be Anonymous Online?

Is there any security method that will help us, or how much, will allow us to be anonymous on that internet, so that we do not find out exactly what we are doing

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Anonymous Online

The internet is a place where it is very difficult to remain anonymous. A large number of Internet service users, whether they are smartphones or PC users, put their security at stake every time they connect to the internet and enter into the search engine what they want to find on the internet. Although various agencies guarantee security for their users, and then state governments are there, the question is how much we can really be safe after we connect to the internet and become online.

It would be very nice to pretend that the Internet is just a fun place to learn new things and watch cute videos. Unfortunately, that is not true. Advertisers, hackers and cybercriminals try to get your personal information online, not to mention the NSA. They keep track of the sites you visit, what ads you click on and what purchases.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could dedicate yourself to your online business anonymously, without anyone spying on you? Sure it will be, but never hundred percent.

Aside from the fact that the internet is anything but anonymous, the internet is also full of various threats. Hackers, viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other types of threats are just some of the ways that someone wants and can harm us – directly or indirectly – if we are not careful enough. In all this, one cannot help but wonder – is there any way, at least to some extent, to protect ourselves?

Is there any security method that will help us, or how much, will allow us to be anonymous on that internet, so that we do not find out exactly what we are doing, what pages we visit, where we have been typing passwords and the like? The answer to this question is yes – there is.

While there are no such safeguards that will ensure that your browsing experience is 100% safe and “unremarkable”, there is still something that each of us can do to improve our anonymity while browsing the Internet.

Browser restriction

Alex Grant, best vpn editor suggests that a browser is where you can filter more user data. That is why you can here start to navigate more anonymously. Here are reflected the sites we visit, services we hire, user names, cards. Even if we enter pages that are not encrypted, security may be compromised.

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Something that can greatly affect users are the scripts that are downloaded and executed when we open a page and can collect all kinds of details. These details include the IP, browser, location, operator.

One of the main tips is to restrict the information that the browser can collect. This means turning off automatic password storage, for example. It is also advisable to frequently delete the cookie log and history.

An added option is to enter incognito mode, something that all the most used browsers have. In this way our usernames or pages on which we navigate are not registered.

Following with browsers, there are some navigation options with more privacy. Even some like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox have privacy extensions.

What about IPs?

Each time we, as users, go to a website, our computer, that is we, give that page information about us which then sees that site as an IP address. This is information that tells the site exactly where we are, in what country, city, region, county, etc. A great thing for senders and creators of advertisements, but a bad thing for us, because that way we can directly find out where we are.

Privacy Badger – A service that monitors the websites that follow you can help you see everything that a page (and which one) sees all about you. When browsing the Internet, our IP is exposed. One way to be anonymous is to use a VPN. In addition, with this we access pages that may be blocked in a given country.

There are many VPN options, both free and paid. It is a very interesting option to navigate anonymously, but also safely. It is true that VPNs have grown in popularity in recent times. There are many options, but not all of them are good. It is convenient to analyze it well before choosing.

Keep data secret

Another very important way to maintain anonymity while browsing is to hide our true data. If for example we enter a forum and put our mail openly, only with that could access many other data of ours. Data such as names, address, date of birth. They could be exposed.

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In addition, through e-mail we can receive spam from third parties. Always be careful when responding to emails that arrive or to deliver our address in newsletters and other records.

Spam messages that know how to reach us in the email inbox are one way in which someone can gain unauthorized access to our information and thus compromise our privacy. A tip that applies to spam messages is that you never open any spam messages.

These will very often be automatically located within the Spam section of the service we use to send and receive email. However, if they do not, and you see that a message with a “strange” name or a sender from a strange name has recently arrived in your inbox – do not risk it. Immediately throw it in the trash can and wipe it down.

If a user needs to use an email for a short period of time, they have the option of using disposable emails. This way they keep the staff clean.

Security tools

Of course there can be a lack of security software. Having programs and tools of this type helps us to protect ourselves from possible threats that, in addition to compromising the proper functioning of a computer, can also compromise user privacy. Keep in mind that there are different types of malware that can register our data, passwords, etc.

Privacy is something that every internet user should worry about. While there is nothing that will protect us as a user completely so that the internet knows absolutely nothing about us, there are still some measures we can take to increase our privacy and, therefore, our security to the fullest.

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