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Card Counting Apps – Blackjack & Spanish 21

If you’ve spent any time researching how to beat the casino then you’ll have probably heard about counting cards

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Card Counting Apps

Put simply, card counting is the tactic of keeping track of the type of cards that have been dealt during certain games.

This gives you a better idea of what will arrive in future so you can bet accordingly. Although this technique is very commonly associated with Blackjack, players may utilise it for different variations too – such as Spanish 21.

Constantly keeping track of cards while figuring out their probabilities is obviously a hard task. That’s why you’ll often see cards being counted in Hollywood films as it’s a great way to showcase a character’s special ability (we’re thinking Rain Man or 21).

However, it’s not just reserved for the casino Einsteins of the world as it’s very possible to learn – with a lot of practise!

One of the best ways to try your hand is to download card counting apps for Android or Apple and build up your knowledge. Some of these are even dedicated apps that teach you the basics within. Let’s take a look at our top card counting apps for Blackjack and Spanish 21 to try and give you an edge!

Blackjack Card Counting App for Android & iOS

When playing Blackjack, it depends on the casino how many decks are used. However, it’s usually between 1 and 9 which means you could be analysing anything between 52 and 468 cards! Luckily, there’s a solution for both Android and Apple devices.

Find out which US casinos have live dealer tables to put your online Blackjack card counting skills to the test.

Card Counter Lite is available on both operating systems. It’s perfect because you can either dedicate a lot of time to it or sneak a few sessions to kill a bit of time. Included as features are:

  • A study guide
  • Tonnes of tutorials
  • Different practise modes
  • Several strategies
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To prove that this is a decent bit of software, you only need to take a look at the reviews. App users are notoriously hard to please, so the fact that Card Counter Lite for Android has a 4.1-star average score and Card Counter Lite for Apple has a 4.2-star average score – at the time of writing – is a great indicator.

Spanish 21 Card Counting App for Android & iOS

Counting cards also works for Spanish 21 which is like Blackjack but with slightly different rules. If you’ve never heard of it then make sure to watch the following video which explains how to play and what advantages it offers players over Blackjack.

A common query is whether counting cards is possible for Spanish 21. We’re happy to say that it is but you are required to learn completely different strategies in order to maximise your advantage. Also, the app changes depending on your device.

  • Awesome Spanish 21 Free! – Available on Amazon’s Appstore for Android, there is no specific card counting feature for Awesome Spanish 21 Free. However, you are able to customise the number of decks that are used to put the theories above to the test. If you’re new to the game then it also includes tips and guides section to get you up to speed.
  • Spanish 21 Multi-Hand +HD – Available on Apple’s App Store for iOS, this game DOES include dedicated Spanish 21 card counting tips. Exactly how many hands you can play varies per device due to space (3 on iPhone, 7 on iPad) but you can access tips and tricks within the Help & Support section.
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Is Card Counting Illegal?

What we’ve ignored until now is whether counting cards is actually allowed. The answer has two parts – it is perfectly legal to do, but casinos often ban you from doing it.

This means that if you go into a casino and count cards using only your mind (e.g no calculator or computer) then you would NOT be prosecuted if caught. This is because you’re simply applying a strategy using your own skill without unlawful help.

However, some casinos reserve the right to eject you from the building if they suspect you. They use many methods and measurements to identify possible counters and occasionally implement obstacles to make it more difficult.

Of course, the practice has traditionally been associated with brick-and-mortar establishments but the rise of online casinos – complete with live dealer tables – has meant an increase in online Blackjack card counting.

For more information, USA Online Casino Finder is a great resource that gives you legal US casinos in each state.

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