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Here’s a Rehab For Internet Addicts

Help is on the way for all the internet addicts out there!

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Do you often find yourself online all the time? Do you find yourself itching to get your hands on your computer as soon as you get home from work? Do you always wonder what’s the trending topic on twitter now? Maybe you can’t wait to login to your Facebook account and check how many likes you got for your status earlier. How about your instagram account? Do you always find yourself stalking your favorite celebrities in it? Have you checked your credit card bill lately? Your bill is probably full of charges from the mobile apps your playing on your phone.


If you said yes to all of the questions above, maybe it’s time to admit that you have an internet addiction. Don’t worry. There are many people out there who let the internet takeover their lives. If you want to get rid of it, maybe it’s time for you to go to rehab – yes, there’s a rehab for people who are obsessed with their digital media use.


25 miles east from Seattle, reSTART admits patients into its 45-day program. All of its patients will have no access to any kind of gadgets. Its 5-acre estate lets you escape the busy life of the city. To get any hint of what’s happening outside rehab, you’ll need to use the payphone in the living room.

When the rehab center opened its door back in 2009, its first patient had to have his leg amputated since he lost blood circulation in his leg due to playing online games for too long. These days, a lot of reSTART’s patients are college dropouts or adults who have trouble keeping their jobs. The 45-day treatment costs around $25,000 USD.

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The treatment starts with detox. All patients must give up all their gadgets and everything else that will give them access to the internet. Then they have to deal with their issues, especially on what triggered their addiction. Everyone is encouraged to have physical activities during their treatment. This includes taking hikes or attending exercise sessions. So far, most of its patients are satisfied with the program. A lot felt better after detaching themselves from the world of digital media.

Though some believe internet addiction is not real, there are a lot of people who just can’t seem to stop being online all the time. It’s clearly disrupting their ‘real’ worlds. Maybe it’s time we give them a brochure about reSTART.


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