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How to Control Your Child’s Internet Usage

Children should be protected at all times

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Control Your Child’s Internet Usage


The internet is still one of the greatest inventions in the history of technology and children have been quick to rely on its use. This is because it has made communication so much easier that people have become overdependent on it. The good thing is that measures can be put in place if you want to regulate the way your children use the internet. One of the annoying things is that some kids find themselves using the internet even when they should be asleep. In this case, it becomes crucial for you to read Mobicip reviews to help you understand how Mobicip can regulate internet usage.

Checking the Domain Name

Mobicip has a first level internet usage control where it regulates the content that children get to access based on the domain names. In this case, the software is used to determine whether specific domains are harmful to children, and if that is the case, then it becomes restricted. It would be essential to understand that these checks are conducted based on the industry standards database. That means that all the harmful domains are listed within the industry database, thereby making it a fast and reliable option.

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Norms and the Standards of the Family Online Safety Institute

Family Online Safety Institute is a non-profit international organization that is tasked with ensuring that the internet stays safer for families, specifically children. That means Mobicip, in this case, compares the details of a website with the requirements associated with the Family Online Safety Institute. That means that only when a site is considered to adhere to the requirements of this organization can it be accessed by children.

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Real-time Content Analysis

If the content in a website has failed based on the Family Online Safety Institute and the domain name, a real-time content analysis is conducted with an aim to examine the site and determine whether it is appropriate or not. The Mobicip software can get this done within the shortest time so that it determines whether to grant access. On second thoughts, this feature is very important since it still ensures that any new content that surfaces on the web is also analyzed to ensure that it is safe for children.

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Where is it applicable?

There are many places in which Mobicip can be used other than at homes. The key factor is that whenever children get access to the internet, they always stay protected from information that is potentially dangerous. One such place is schools where the levels of restriction are based on different levels. This way, children will only be able to access the websites that are considered safe for their age. It can also be used at home so that parents pose as the administrator and control the content that their children get to view. Given that schools and homes are the places that children most use the internet, it becomes important that investment in Mobicip is made at these places.


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Children should be protected at all times especially at this point when technology could pose a potential threat. If children were to access harmful websites or even information, they could make decisions that affect them. In this case, Mobicip ensures that all parents and teachers can determine what children access. It also has a feature that involves turning off and on of the internet so that children only get to use their gadgets at specific times. One of the best things is that Mobicip is available to all that would like to regulate internet usage, whether as an institution or individual.

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