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Mobile Apps Have Changed These Industries Forever

Here are some industries that have been disrupted by the rise of mobile apps

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Mobile apps


Mobile apps are incredibly powerful bits of software to have at our fingertips. It’s astounding how many things we are able to accomplish with the use of just a smartphone. These mobile apps have essentially replaced thousands of other tools and services we used to rely on. As a result, there are many industries that have been shaken up forever. Here are some industries that have been disrupted by the rise of mobile apps.

Education and Training

Education is an area that is ready to be taken into the 21st century. Everything about the traditional schooling system has been proven to be ineffective, and modern technology is helping to make a huge difference. This extends to both tutoring and specialized training.

Instead of paying for tutoring or classes, you now have access to intuitive training mobile apps at anytime, that can teach you anything. Regardless of what your hobby may be, from chess to fantasy sports or even poker, there are guaranteed to be powerful applications available. These apps are incredible as you can now carry around the fundamentals in your pocket and have a great resource to refer to whenever you need. The ways that mobile apps can be used to teach subjects and train your brain are astounding and we are barely scratching the surface of what is possible.


The telecommunications industry is another that is receiving a major overhaul. There are so many different apps and platforms that have essentially replaced the need for traditional calling and texting. Social media platforms keep us informed constantly of where our friends and business clients are and what they are doing. Messaging through these social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, is much more intuitive in most cases than sending a text message. It’s become second nature.

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Other apps like Whatsapp are dedicated to calling and messaging. If you always have internet access, you essentially have no need for a traditional mobile carrier calling plan if you can connect with everyone via an app. The future is geared towards 5G technology and the capabilities it provides. We are getting more comfortable doing video calls and streaming then we are just talking on the phone.

Everywhere you look, journalists are declaring the telecommunications industry “dead.” Though it might be too early to call this outcome, it’s clear that these companies need to evolve with the times or they risk becoming obsolete.


With the addition of functional mobile apps, the banking industry has never been better. There are so many things we can now do directly from our smart devices that replace time and effort spent going to ATMs and bank branches. If you want to check your credit card balance, deposit a check, send money between accounts, or numerous other services, you can likely do it from your mobile app even faster than logging into your bank’s website.

With all of this innovation also comes some competition. Many people are beginning to look past traditional banks for their money management needs. With so many services like PayPal and Venmo available, the need for a bank account is starting to wilt. If you want to shop online, or send money to a friend, there is often a quicker way to do it with one of these other businesses. Banks also need to evolve to compete with this growing number of services that are based around quick and powerful mobile apps.

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Transportation and Food Delivery

Of course, by now everyone is aware of the success of Uber and other alternatives. The taxi industry was incredibly inefficient and otherwise unpleasant. Services like Uber and Lyft have come along and given a much needed alternative. Now we no longer have to rely on hailing a cab and hoping for the best.

Food delivery is another service industry that has been transformed with mobile apps. Previously, we would call one particular restaurant and wonder when they would show up. Now you can browse hundreds of different menus from one app, place your order, and watch the delivery occur in real time so you always know when the driver is on the way.

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