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Move Over, Attorney! This Robot Lawyer Has Arrived

Lawyers of today better shape up if they do not want this robot to dominate the field.

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Robot Lawyer


Are you a lawyer, a law student, or an incoming law freshman?

If you are any of the three, better think twice of your career path now because a new generation of lawyers – in the form of robots – will win all future court cases.

Yup, we are talking about a robot lawyer that will take your job!

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It appears that the J.D. lawyers have earned is no match to this robot.

Powered by IBM’s cognitive computer program Watson, the robot named ROSS can read through all law transcripts including court decisions to provide an answer relevant to the case being decided.

ROSS can even draw conclusions from one billion legal documents per second, according to its creators.

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ROSS is an AI attorney who will shorten the legal research process significantly. No need for human lawyers to scan through documents because the robot will do it for you in an incredibly faster pace.

The robot can even provide the most relevant answer, and not merely give a long list of results out of a real client question, and not keywords.

It also monitors the law for changes rather than reading through the news manually with regards to what’s the latest with the law.

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This should not be shocking news to lawyers who follow artificial intelligence news, as an analysis predicted that law firms will suffer from “structural collapse” by 2030. The report, however, did not mention about the pilot year.

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Benjamin Barton, Professor of Law from the University of Tennessee, said through The College Fix that this kind of invention will displace people, but won’t destroy the profession.

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It’s not entirely that all lawyers will lose their jobs, as AI computers to perform legal work will occur only in certain segments. He said that what’s left for human lawyers is to answer the complicated, strategic, and fun questions.

But still, this is imminent doom to lawyers in big companies that can afford ROSS, like law firm Baker $ Hostetler who has already sign licenses according to the co-founder of ROSS, Andres Arruda.

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22 shares, 102 points
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