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This App is Professional, Personal and Romantic

It’s Yelp for People.

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Julia Cordray had good intentions when she created Peeple, together with her co-founder, Nicole McCullough. Little did they know that this project would make them a viral hit for all the wrong reasons.

Peeple started out as an app where someone can be rated on a “professional, personal and romantic” basis. Anyone can rate him: his family, friends, and acquaintances. It is just like Yelp for humans. All you need for this app are a phone number, a facebook profile and an iOS-compatible phone.

So, if you were a bad boyfriend, chances are this app will cost you potential future dates. Say goodbye to the future love of your life.


Ever since news broke out about this app (available soon on iOS), many were enraged over the concept of being judged by others using a rating of a one-to-five-star scale.  If given a negative review, it’ll stay in someone’s profile for one year because “we know you can grow and change for the better.”

Let’s be honest, it takes years to “grow and change”…sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

What makes Peeple appalling to the public is its potential to ruin someone’s career or personal life.  If we base our perception of someone on a review made by an acquaintance, isn’t that unfair?

With Peeple getting an excessive amount of hate from the public, its founders decided to change a few details by making it a “100 percent positive app”. This means that you can only see positive testimonials about someone in Peeple. They replaced the one-to-five star scale with recommendations and endorsements. There will be no profanity, hateful content, sexual and legal references or bullying in this app.

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Source: The Dr. Phil Show

Peeple is making itself too positive that there’s no point in getting juicy bits about someone in here. Where’s the fun in that?

Either way, there will still be bias in the reviews people will be giving to each other. It has been reported that once someone joins the app, he can’t delete his profile. In short, you’ll be stuck with Peeple for a very long time.

Despite the changes made, Peeple is still not getting the love from majority of active social media users. Even supermodel Chrissy Teigen has spoken up about how disgusted she was of the app. So much hate, guys.

If people were to rate Peeple, there’s a huge chance it’ll get bad reviews. Isn’t it ironic?

Would you like to give Peeple a try?


Source: Wall Street Journal

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