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Top 3 Interactive Elements in Emails

Interactive email content: what does it mean? 

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Back in 2018, interactivity was among the hottest email marketing trends. But trends tend to change. According to forecasts, its popularity had to reduce in 2019.

But in fact, the situation is totally different – the popularity of interactive elements is growing. Why did analysts fail? 

You’re right, it was caused by brand new essence of interactivity itself. Let’s figure out these qualitative changes.

Interactive email content: what does it mean? 

Captain Obvious to the rescue: interactive elements are embedded elements that require the recipient’s interaction.

Interactivity significantly boosts the performance of email campaigns. According to Upland Kapost and Martech Advisor stats, interactive content increases CTOR by 73% and brings x2 higher conversion. Impressive results, right.

Interactivity before… 

Until March 2019, entertainment was the primary mission of interactive elements. Everyone has a child inside, so it’s a flawless practice to make email a toy with bells and whistles. Of course, gimmicks are inappropriate in triggered messages like notifications or confirmations… But when it comes to promo, welcome or digest emails, why not gamify them?

…and now

This spring, everything has changed. It’s all about Google AMP 4 Gmail. We won’t go into technical details, what matters is a new essence of interactivity. Email becomes a “website lite version” with extended functionality. 

This technology allows clients to do different things in a convenient and catchy way – preview products from different angles, add them to carts and make orders, vote and comment, order tickets and places, confirm meetings, etc. All that is done in a real-time mode right in the email!

Top 3 types of interactive content  

Let’s proceed with our top 3 types of interactive content. Our choice is based on practical reasons: as AMP is still not supported by some ESPs and email clients, we’ll pay attention not only to AMP-powered elements. But you can make your campaigns up-to-date using them.

Image carousel

There are two types – a regular interactive carousel, and an AMP-powered one. Both types are stylish ways to display several images in one scroll. Moreover, you can add prices and descriptions — and your snippets will be informative.

Where to craft these elements? Regular carousel is built via Freshinbox while AMP-powered is crafted manually (geek solution) or via Gmail AMP for Email Playground. But it’s much easier to use predesigned templates.

As for web-safe fallback, static images are the best solution. Remember that AMP elements are displayed on desktop devices only, so don’t forget all those who open emails on mobiles!

Image rollover

This type is not AMP. But rollover still attracts attention. This element is an option to look at pics from different angles, hide details or even arrange games. 

We recommend using a totally websafe Stripo rollover template,  it works correctly with most email clients. All you need to do – add image, then turn “Rollover effect” on, and add the second image.

Embedded survey

This third type we chose because feedback is mandatory for all businesses’ growth. We should make the option to share an opinion as convenient as possible. When the survey is embedded in the email, this is an optimal solution.

Notice that single-question and multi-question surveys are technically different. Strictly speaking, a single-question survey is not interactivity but it looks interactive anyway when arranged properly. It is typically done by adding images (each of them is response option) and attaching separate links. Then, ESP will provide you stats on the number of clicks.

As for multi-question surveys, we create a questionnaire via Google Forms (or other tools) and then embed it. This time, interactivity is real – and totally web-safe.

Summing up

Of course, this is not a full set we need. We could add here CSS animations, videos, etc. But let’s postpone them for further posts.

The last but not least thing to mention – always care about all your customers! The displaying of Interactivity still depends on ESPs, email clients, devices – and their combinations. Some recipients may see interactive content as static images or not see it at all. So always provide fallback alternatives! And test your messages before sending it.

We sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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