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What Is A Blue Light Scanner And How Is It So Accurate?

Not all scanners are created equal and blue light scanners have been some of the most accurate and precise scanners to date

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Blue Light Scanner



In the past several decades there have a countless amount of technological advances. Even in the last few years, there have been technological breakthroughs that most people did not expect to become a reality for many years to come.

The same is true of high- quality scanning on to your computer. Most scans now have the ability to scan a document and include all of the important information from your paper document. However, not all scanners are created equal and blue light scanners have been some of the most accurate and precise scanners to date.

Incredibly, blue light scanners and white light scanners are able to do more than just scanning a document on to your computer. These scanners are capabable of capturing millions of data points to create a precise image on your computer. Normally these kinds of scanners are in both digitizing and metrology industries.

The main question is what’s different about these scanners that allows for them to be so powerful? We’ll delve into the possibilities below.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Scanners?

The main two scanners that will produce digital images on your computer are blue light and white light scanners.

What Is A Blue Light Scanner?

A blue light scanner allows for a high-resolution structured kind of scanning. It works through combining a projector, camera, and lens to let the system collect various data points.

The projector is a necessity because it will create a pattern on the item that is being measured and scanned and then the camera will take a picture of the pattern that the projector created on the item.

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Together, the camera and the projector are able to judge the distance for how far the item is located from them. With the pattern and the picture from the camera, the digital image is able to be created on a computer device.

What Is A White Light Scanner?

Like blue light scanners, white light scanners can be highly accurate. Unlike normal scanners, a white light scanner is able to be accurate within 0.0001 of an inch for the size or measurement of an object.

White light scanners tend to be best when they are scanner something like sheet metal parts, tools, molded parts, or turbine blades.

What Are The Benefits Of A Blue Light Scanner

While both blue light and white light scanners are highly accurate tools, a blue light scanner can have some advantages over a white light scanner, depending on the situation.

The advantages of using a blue light scanner instead of a white light scanner is:

  • That a blue light scanner is more mobile
  • It possesses a light source that will last for a longer period of time
  • It’s ability to block out other light sources while scanning inside of a well-lit room
  • Uses less energy because of LED’s being utilized

Each of these items make a blue light scanner the preferred tool depending on your business’ needs

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