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Streetlights Will Soon Bring LiFi Internet

With the power of Lifi, Streetlights in Dubai will soon bring super fast internet to the public.

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LiFi Internet

By the end of this year, up to 100 street lights in the Dubai Silicon Oasis will be emitting LED-powered internet. This is according to the CEO of Zero.1 a UAE-based technology company, who demonstrated ‘proof of concept’ to different media personnel in Dubai.

Source: Arabian Industry

Source: Emirates 24/7

The CEO of Zero.1,Marc Fleschen, demonstrated how Light Fidelity (LiFi) technology can be used to connect our smart gadgets via LED bulbs, instead of the presently used radio waves. Surprisingly, this LiFi technology has a data transmitting potential of up to 224GB per second!

Source: Emirates 247

“We are proud to say that in conjunction with our project partner du, we have been able to initiate the first demonstration of its kind in the Middle East. Working with du, we look forward to the roll-out of our LiFi applications in the Dubai ‘Smart City’ platform and the retail sector as the year unfolds,” said Fleschen.

Eech of the LED light bulbs can be converted into a wireless router, all it needs is the addition of a small microchip. Adding these microchips to the traditional streetlights brings “Lifi to life,” according to Fleschen.

Source: emirates 247

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