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Tesla Will Create A Second Massive Battery System for Australia

After installing the “most powerful battery system in the world”, Tesla plans to install one more Powerpack in Australia.

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Tesla’s Powerpack project at a South Australian wind farm was so successful that many other states in Australia want to get their own. The news has garnered a lot of attention in media, since Elon Musk made a bet to bring it online in “100 days or it will be free” as well as the fact that it has become the most powerful battery system in the world.

Now, Tesla will be once again, teaming up Neoen wind farm to build another Powerpack system in Victoria, which is in the SouthEast of Australia. The Australian media reported that Tesla was able to successfully win the contract to build a 20 MW battery system to support the 204 MW at the Bulgana Green Power Hug. Though this will be smaller than the South Australian project, it will be a great endeavor for the Tesla/Neoen collaboration. Franck Woitiez, the managing director of Neoen said: “The performance of the South Australian battery is outstanding. The Bulgana battery is primarily going to provide energy to Nectar Farms and may support the grid in the future.”

Source: Teslarati

The time frame

For this new project, the team has a longer timeline than the 100-day South Australian project. The new Victorian plant has been planned to come online in around 18 months. The involvement of Tesla in South Australia’s energy sector was started after the state experienced several widespread power failures due to severe weather in the Summer of 2016. Tesla said that they would be able to fix South Australia’s energy problems within 100 days or the solution would be free of charge, and the South Australian government accepted Tesla’s proposition. The 100 MW Powerpack system went live on December 1st 2017, and Tesla was able to keep their promise.

With all these efforts for renewable energy around the world made by numerous engineers, scientists and environmental enthusiasts, our world may soon be coal-free and will be a cleaner and safer place to live in.


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