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11 Must Have Products In Your Jobsite

Necessary tools to have for your construction jobsite

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A complete job site is a safe job site. It’s how you want things to be, especially for your hardworking men. The work area, like any other office, should have the complete tools to be efficient and time-bound.

In other words, these are the necessary tools to have if you want your construction job to be smooth sailing.

Here are some of the products you should have at hand in your construction site:


The welding equipment is the first thing every job site should take into account. And the best welding solutions come from Lincoln Electric.

Their welding machines are extremely versatile and capable of both small home projects and big commercial demands. It works smoothly in soldering various types of metals and has a long lifespan. It is easy to use and has low electric consumption.


The right product applications of threading and pipe fabrication machines are important for any job site. You wouldn’t want your building to have faulty meager threaded pipes for ventilation. It’ll take a lot more time, money, and resources to redo.

When handling pipelines, it’s better to get it right the first time around and trust in the reliable threading and pipe fabrication solutions from RIDGID ®. They have threading and pipe fabrication machines that produce high-quality threads and long-lasting pipe dies.


A construction site needs more than the human eye to determine if the job is done right. We need machines to let the engineers know the blind and weak spots of the job site.

Luckily, we’ve got RIDGID ® who produces superb diagnostics, inspection, and locating solutions. Their machines set the standard in durability to finish the job.

Their powerhouse diagnostics equipment includes the RIDGID SeeSnake® video inspection systems, the NaviTrack Scout®, RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras, and the RIDGID hand-held diagnostic equipment.

With these tools at hand, your mind can be put at ease that you haven’t overlooked any important construction details.


Drain cleaning is one of the lesser joys in erecting a building. However, the strenuous task shouldn’t be taken lightly because it’s the plumbing your building will have for a long time. You wouldn’t want your credibility ruined just because the drains are clogged or dirty.

With RIDGID’s ® Drain cleaning machine, cleaning drains are easy and long-lasting. Plus, the new RIDGID® FlexShaft™ drain cleaning machines are lightweight, so they’re easy to lug around the Jobsite without requiring extra manpower and effort.



Of course, no job site is complete without power tools. Your workers need superior strength when drilling through walls, setting a foundation, and more. It’s the heavy-duty equipment every job site needs. And the most premium power grade tools produced only by Dewalt, Bosch, and Stanley.

These brands focus on giving your men the power they need in building houses or skyscrapers.

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Another must-have product every job site needs are mechanical tooling kits and ancillaries. There are plenty of brands in the market but only a few stood out when tested and proven: Proto, Facom, Stanley, and Tactix mechanical tools.

They’ve created remarkable products such as the PROTO® Tether- ready tools, lanyards and attachment points with retrofitting capabilities.

The complete and cost-efficient Facom® CM.160A – 527Pc Mechanical Tool Set. The perfect basic tools every job site needs.

The STANLEY® 28 in. FATMAX® Structural Foam Toolbox which can handle medium to large mechanical tools made from durable thermoplastic resin.

And lastly, the Tactix® power tool accessories, which have a longer than usual lifespan from most power tool accessories.


No job site is complete without lighting solutions. If not, it can pose hazardous threats for you and your workers. We’re talking about men working through the day and the dark of night, so the lighting equipment you should have in your arsenal has excellent quality.

Pelican® is now offering the 9490 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS), which is a mobile lighting solution you can whip out any time you want. It has over 6000 lumens and 3 preset light levels. The perfect lighting for construction in dark areas.


Another product every construction site need is a storage space for their materials and tools. Proper storage is vital in any job site, especially when taking tools into account. You wouldn’t want any important equipment to go amiss when you need it the most.

For great storage solutions, trust in Storageworks, Durham, Stanley, or Toh. These four brands manufacture great material handling solutions. All of them highly durable with a flexible price range for any budget.


Doors are essential parts of any infrastructure, residential or commercial. So if you’re in a job site, the right door hardware solutions should be kept in your inventory.

Baldwin, Domakaba, and Yale are well-known choices for door hardware. They offer great varieties of styles, affordable hardware, and even manufactures customized door materials. Chubbsafes is an exceptional safety vault for your valuable items at any given jobsite.


Plumbing is an important matter for every job site. Without proper plumbing, your building is in danger of flooding or water damage. That’s an even bigger issue for the future.

Get it right today with Dyson or Delta plumbing solutions. They provide high-grade piping systems and materials for both buildings and houses. They last longer and offer the more cost-efficient prices compared to other products in the market.


Cleaning time is the signal your job is near its end. Finish your new infrastructure with the best cleaning solutions out there from RIDGID ®, Nilfisk, or Viper.  They can scrub your job site clean and ready for its occupants.

Especially Nilfisk ® which is an established leader in cleaning technology. They offer a wide range of industrial vacuums, sweepers, and scrubbers in the market today.

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So remember, before starting work at your job site, tick off every single product we mentioned above for a better construction job. It’ll save you both time and effort in the long haul. Apart from efficiency, having all these products also promote the well-being of your workers.

Where to Buy?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the largest authorized distributor of the best industrial hardware solution brands in the Philippines.

To shop online, visit

Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.
Ground Floor Cobankiat Building II
231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.
Phone +632 2476557
Phone +632 2432734

Coby’s Designer Center
Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza
Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone +632 6364895
Phone +632 6364896

About CBK Hardware

For almost a hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous to the country’s biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated, of the Cobankiat family has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chain of stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

While the Filipinos continue to rebuild their lives post war, CBK Hardware sees the opportunity to introduce the retail concept once unheard for in hardware industry. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit if this endeavor. CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’ Design Center in Edsa Shangi La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to discriminating taste of modern Filipinos.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for the company when he brings a franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines, and signs up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality world class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside.

A century’s excellence can quickly pass, and guided by the vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolve to source the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.

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