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20 Items Every Engineer Should Always Have

Here’s a list of a few items that engineers shouldn’t live without.

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Engineer top 20 must have items


Every time people ask “what’s the best tool you have that you can’t live without”, engineers will often be bummed out.

Thing is, there isn’t a sole item that can qualify as the only tool they’ll ever need, and they’ll often short their brain circuits asking themselves which of their tools are the best one they have.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the 20 items every engineer should always have.

1. Jack


Buy Now – Electric Hydraulic Jack

The ones included in your newly purchased car is not enough. As an engineer, having good quality tools that can carry a lot of weight is useful in a lot of situations.

2. Card Holder


Buy Now – Credit Card Holder

Whether it’s your professional license, ATM card, or a stack of business cards; this is an item you should never leave home without.

3. Backpack Bag


Buy Now – USB Rechargeable Backpack Bag

Students and professionals should always have a bag they can put all their gadgets in, and a backpack bag would be the best stylish choice.

4. Cordless Drill


Buy this Stanley Cordless Drill today

It’s hard making the right holes when a cord is in the way. This tool is a handyman or woman’s best friend.

5. Chef’s Knife


Buy Now – Chef‘s Knife

Food is life. It gives every engineer energy to go on through their days. Learning how to cook doesn’t only ensure proper nutrient consumption, it makes you more attractive as well.

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6. Passport


Buy Now – Passport Holder

If you’re a field engineer, this is a something you can’t just live without. It helps you be ready to be sent out anywhere around the world.

7. Secret Stash of Cash


Buy Now – Money Clip and Card Holder

Ruining a project without having money to repair it or replace it is really sad. Really sad indeed.

8. Cast-iron skillet


Buy Now – Lodge Chef Cast Iron Skillet

It’s a basic cooking tool that you can use for anything from grilling to baking. And what’s good is that you don’t even need soap to wash it.

9. Jumper Cables


Buy Now – Powerbank Car Jump Starter

If you like tinkering with cars, electronic testing, or resurrecting Frankenstein’s monster, this is a tool you should always have handy.

10. LED Flashlight


Buy 1 Get 1 Taclight Tactical Flashlight

Power outages are bad, especially when you have to replace a blown fuse from a fuse box that’s deep down in your dark basement.

11. Safety Goggles


Buy this Welding Safety Goggles

Goggles may look geeky, but protecting your corneas from flying shrapnel or corrosive fluids should always be a top priority.

12. Work boots


Buy this Tolsen Industrial Safety Shoes

This is especially needed when you like heavy machines and garage work. Dropping a sledgehammer on your toe can hurt a whole lot less if you have steel toe work boots to protect your feet.

13. Carpenter’s Level


Buy Now – Laser Level Magnetic Measure

If your pencil keeps on rolling on the table you just built, this might be what you need.

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14. Claw Hammer


Buy Now – Stanley Starter Tool Box

It can work as a simple hammer, a weight, or even as a crowbar. The claw hammer is very versatile for a number of situations.

15. Multipurpose Tool


Buy 1, Take 1 Multifunction 16-in-1 Tool

Anything from a Gerber Multi-tool to a Swiss Army Knife would be a good choice, especially when you need to fix something on the fly.

16. Work Gloves


Buy Now – Engineer‘s Gloves with LED Light

Use it to handle things you can’t normally hold comfortably, like rugged chains, or that cast-iron skillet you left in the oven.

17. Calculator


Buy Now – Calculator & LCD Writing Pad

Numbers. ‘Nuff said.

18. Pocket Knife


Buy this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife today

The knife on your multi-tool just won’t cut it. It’s best if you have an extra sharp alternative.

19. WD-40


Buy Now – WD-40

Have an extra tight situation that you need to slip out of? WD-40 is the answer to your rusty situation.

20. Charcoal Grill


Buy Now – Charcoal Griller

Applying thermodynamics to a slab of meat sliced in perfect angles, seasoned with herbs and spices in calculated quantities, and paired with a properly brewed beverage. There’s nothing more you’d ever need.

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