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Blaster Boards: The Perfect Defense For Your Nerf Wars

It’s been said that one day the geeks shall inherit the Earth - they can start by dominating on the Nerf battlefield.

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Whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart, you’ve probably been in a Nerf war, water gun battle, or snowball fight at some point. One thing that becomes immediately clear is that you don’t win the game based on how big of a Nerf blaster you have, but rather how well you can avoid getting hit. Yet, for some reason, engineers had been hard at work designing blasters that can fire yellow balls 70 mph and ignoring defense…until now.

Blaster Boards is a modular dart defense system that will elevate your next Nerf war. Kids can quickly build a bunker or barrier that will add fun and strategy elements to their next game of Capture the Flag, Humans vs. Zombies, or Siege the Fort.  Soon the bunker you’re behind will matter as much as the blaster in your hand.

With the large 8 inch panels and various angles that are possible, you can build the barrier that best fits your environment and needs. This might be a high wall to protect a 6 foot tall man or a low tunnel to hide from a volley of darts. Maybe it’s a shield that you can use as you move. Or just maybe it’s a protective cocoon so you can get work done during the office Nerf war.

The spinning target system is great to test accuracy or can be used in various target shooting games. The targets spin when hit by Nerf darts, water guns, ping pong balls, rubber bands or more. Set them up on a table, hang them off a shelf, or build them right into a bunker. Challenge a friend to some long range sniper competitions or to a makeshift round of dart tic-tac-toe.

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The pieces are shatterproof, waterproof, and will hold up to a lot of active use indoors or outdoors. They are compact enough to be stuffed into a backpack and taken to the park but you can also build more elaborate structures in your home or backyard. You never know where a Nerf war or water gun fight might break out.

Launching on Kickstarter July 11, 2017, you can get a set of the spinning targets for $25 or a bunker pack of Blaster Boards for $55. If you head over to now you can sign up for special pre order deals. Blaster Boards needs you to help them elevate Nerf wars to a whole new level. It’s been said that one day the geeks shall inherit the Earth – they can start by dominating on the Nerf battlefield.

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