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The Hoverboard that Actually Hovers in Mid-Air

The hoverboard that actually hovers and does not spontaneously combust.

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By definition, hover means remaining in one place in the air. With that, we can realize that the hoverboards before in the market aren’t really hoverboards. Those are hoverboard wannabes.

The dream is not yet over as the legit hoverboard is finally upon us with the birth of ArcaBoard.

Source: ArcaBoard Hoverboard

Source: Arcaspace

Unlike the boards which famously combusts in itself and which batteries are faulty, ArcaBoard is the real deal. It can let you fly anytime, anywhere above the ground. It features 272 horsepower and 430 pounds of thrust. It has 36 high-power electric-ducted fans that will levitate you for around six minutes maximum, which could travel a little over a mile at a maximum speed of 12.5 miles per hour.

If you want to hover more than six minutes, no need to fret as replacement battery parks are now in the works, apart from the previous charging time of 35-minutes to a dead battery.

More reason to be excited about the real hoverboard is the cut price of $14,900, a $5,000 deficit from its pre-order price at Christmas at $19,900.

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