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The Safest Water Dispenser in the Philippines

Two types, the Bottom Load Water Dispenser and Table Top Water Dispenser

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Water Dispenser


They say that water is the lifeblood of all things. It’s necessary for healthy living and a happy mood. However, the ironic thing is, a lot of people in urban areas in the Philippines just don’t drink enough.  For some reason, office workers and frequent over-timers aren’t hydrated enough. It may be the stresses of the corporate life, the stigma that the only beverages one needs in this day and age are coffee and alcohol, or the inadequacy of the current water dispenser in the office. TOSOT may not have a solution to change the working or drinking behaviors of people, it does have one of the best solutions for the third reason: the TOSOT Water Dispenser.

Types of Water Dispenser

Its two types, the Bottom Load Water Dispenser and Table Top Water Dispenser, are kitted with a wide array of features aimed to appease the thirstiest of people.

It’s not every day an employee comes up to their office water dispenser and, while filling their tumbler, thinks about how they can have better quality drinking water—it’s simply an uncommon thought but one that is definitely worth thinking about. Like all things, problems appear when one looks closely and takes in the daily routines of getting water.

One such hassle of the everyday drinking water dilemma is the awkwardness of being the person who has to replace the gallon-large bottles of water. For those who actively avoid the gym, this task is counterintuitive—you have to lift and break a sweat to get a cold refreshing drink.


Luckily, the TOSOT Water Dispenser promises no more lifting and no more back pain when loading a water container. With a 304 stainless water tank, the TOSOT Water Dispenser is a beautifully crafted endorser of ease of use. The bottom loading water dispenser is personally tailor fit for hassle-free water container loading, giving even the most averse to the weight rack an easier time with quenching their thirst. All they really need to do is push the large bottle in and you’re good to go!

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Also, unlike run-of-the-mill water dispensers found in most buildings, the TOSOT Water Dispenser also offers three faucets that pour water with different temperatures: hot, cold, and lukewarm. This eliminates the second type of water-related hassles, which is becoming a chemist as you frantically mix hot and cold together to get your perfect warm water mixture.

Gorgeous Design

As a bonus, the TOSOT Water Dispensers also have a certain sleekness to their design. While most people imagine a white, plastic contraption supporting a large, awkward cylinder of water, these dispensers sport a cleaner, sleeker metallic look that fits like a glove to most minimalistic and modernized office and workspaces right now. Common finishes include black, silver, and stainless steel.

They are also the perfect size and are able to fit smoothly anywhere. If you’re concerned about where you would place the TOSOT Water Dispenser, then know that both variants have their rightful places anywhere. TOSOT’s bottom loading water dispenser is sleek and flat, and placing this water dispenser in any corner is like fitting the last little piece in the last space of the magnificent corporate puzzle. For a more personalized setup, TOSOT’s table top water dispenser is the perfect low key water dispenser that does not infringe upon the overall theme of the workplace.

Safest Water Dispenser

Lastly, the TOSOT two Water Dispenser variants dispense only clean, high quality water. It’s a simple detail most would overlook, but different water dispensers dispense water that “tastes” different, if only a tad bit. The various tastes are nuanced but ultimately speak a reality about the water dispensers: that both the brand and the model matter. With TOSOT’s two water dispensers, water is purified, cooled to perfection, and comes out looking like liquid diamond. The taste is subtle and perfect for thirsty throats and hits the mark of refreshing all those who need a healthy drink every now and then.

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So, whether you’re working in a humble start-up or have cemented yourself in one of the biggest agencies and companies in the Philippines, you and everyone else requires the water of TOSOT’s two types of water dispensers to kit the office pantry, hallways, executive rooms, meeting rooms, and other such places. Because as they say, staying hydrated is good for the mind, body, and soul, and with the TOSOT Water Dispensers just right around the corner, you can constantly and easily stay refreshed, hydrated, and focused as you burn the midnight oil.

Contact TOSOT

For those who are interested to see TOSOT water dispenser, visit their showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website to get more information about the best split type premium aircon in the Philippines.

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