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10 Best Necklace Air Purifiers and Ionizers (Avoid Virus)

Wearable air purifier necklace that you can buy online

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Necklace Air Purifiers



Does it really work?

According to Wall Street Journal report, “Personal necklace air purifiers work by emitting electrically charged molecules or atoms called ions, companies say. The ions transfer the charge to particles—such as one carrying a flu virus—in the user’s breathing zone and since like-charged particles repel each other, they are pushed out of the breathing zone.” Furthermore, personal air purifiers, small, silent devices worn around the neck, clean the air in the wearer’s breathing zone of viruses and bacteria.”

It works by emitting ions in the air and could potentially provide protection especially on enclosed built environment such as office, airplane, train, malls or at home.

These necklace air purifiers and or wearable ionizer is a gadget that you wear like a lanyard ID. It creates negative ions to your immediate surroundings which clean-up pollutants therefore avoid inhaling airborne allergens, dirt, microbes, germs, bacteria, toxins and viruses.

Since the start of COVID-19 global pandemic early this year, you will notice several celebrities, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and high-ranking government officials are wearing these necklace air purifiers.

Disclaimer: For COVID-19 full protection, we still recommend the guidelines of World Health Organization… washing your hands, social distancing and wearing face mask. These necklace air purifiers are supplemental protection on top of the WHO guidelines.


Here are the Top 10 Best Necklace Air Purifiers and Wearable Ionizers that you can buy online.

1. AirTamer 320 Necklace Air Purifier


Price: $149.99 – $190.95 


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • This is what high ranking government officials (and even Presidents) wear when they go out to public places
  • The original necklace ionizer and purifier
  • 150 hours of run time on one charge
  • No filters to replace or clean the device
  • Replaceable brush

2. Cherry Air Purifier & Ionizer Necklace


Price: $72.65 – $99.99  


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • It shields you from germs, airborne viruses, dusts and molds in the air
  • Breathe safe air within 3 feet radius
  • Continuously emitting 50 million healthy ANIONS per cm3

3. Anion Wearable Purifier Necklace


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Price: $14.51 – $40.14


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Anionic: characterized in that the air cleaner can generate negative ions. Anion be used to enhance the body’s metabolism and homeostasis.
  • Maximum efficiency: our personal portable air purifiers can release as many as 5 million negative ions, thereby reducing energy consumption and energy efficiency.
  • Mini Portable: You can wear it around the neck, lightweight and portable, can be used anywhere without noisy. The product does not need to add any water or liquid, beginning purify the air.
  • Perfect gift idea for family and friends.
  • Input voltage: 3.7V (Battery), 5V (USB Power)
  • Negative ion concentration: 5,000,000pcs / cm3
  • Charging time: About 1 hour / Battery life: About 10 hours


4. USB Portable Wearable Air Purifier


Price: $13.70 – $41.50


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Using pulse tip technology to release a large amount of oxygen anion, using the latest dual carbon brush double negative ion generator design, over 6 million negative ions to effectively remove floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde and PM2.5 and other harmful substances in the air.
  • Release a large amount of oxygen anions to kill harmful bacteria, molds and viruses, and decompose smoke, odor and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene released from interior parts (such as sheets and leather).
  • Negative ions promote metabolism, activate cells, refresh and relieve symptoms of motion sickness.


5. Aolon XZ001 Necklace Air Purifier


Price: $11.50 – $33.99


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Quiet volume at 5db
  • Size: 5.5X6X2CM
  • Battery: 200MAH
  • Negative ion concentration: 6 million pieces / cubic centimeter
  • Package Included: 1x mini purifier


6. Cute Bear Shape Necklace Air Purifier


Price: $11.14 – $50.13


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Material: ABS
  • Power mode: USB
  • Negative ion ouput:3,000,000 pcs/cm3
  • Battery can be used for about 20 hours / Charging time: 3 hours
  • Lanyard length: 50cm
  • Product size:46*57*20mm
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6. Plump Mini Necklace Air Purifier


Price: $9.24 – $23.95


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Input power: 5V 0.2A
  • Bacteria reduced power: 5v 1A
  • Use time: more than 48 hours
  • Negative ion concentration: 200W / cubic
  • Material: ABS
  • size: 59*20*64mm


8. Aibrisk Necklace Air Purifier


Price: $7.48 – $23.99


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Health Benefits: The portable air purifier eliminates PM2.5, second-hand smoke, odor, etc. It can help promote metabolism, activate cells, refresh your mind and relieve symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Easy To Use: Press the on/off button for 2 seconds and the lights in green to get better quality air.
  • Rechargeable: With USB charging battery, charge 2 hours can be used for about 30 hours. You will get high quality air and reduce unpleasant smell.
  • No Filter Needed: You’ll never have to worry about the expensive and burdensome filters. Without any additional costs, just a quick charge.
  • Widely Used: Necklace, Hanging Stuff, Car, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, Garages, etc. Purify the air for small spaces and make your living area smell fresh and clean.


9. Fashion Wearable Air Purifier


Price: $23.14 – $69.99


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • Small size environmental protection without consumables
  • Silent operation and adjustable gears, switch according to different environments
  • 40 hours on a single charge
  • Material: ABS
  • Size:about 80*35*23mm


10. AVICHE Personal Air Purifier with UV Light


Price: $26.25 – $40.40


Where to Buy


Specifications & Features:

  • 2in1 multi-function air purifier, air purification and ultraviolet disinfection
  • Rechargeable
  • Negative Ion Generator
  • Portable ultraviolet sterilizer
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