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Nixie Drone: A Wearable Selfie Wristwatch

Nixie: Take your selfies from a drone’s point of view!

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Meet Nixie drone, a wrist mounted drone that you can wear like a watch. It can launch itself and take selfies and videos for you using its onboard camera.

Source: YouTube

Nixie was founded by two people, Christoph Kohstal a former postdoctoral physics researcher at Stanford and Jelena Jovanovic a former tech lead and manager at Google.

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The Nixie drone has been called “The first wearable camera that can fly,” with its small camera you can wear like a watch, and then unfolds and turns into a flying quadcopter.

Nixie’s creator Christoph Kohstal, was able to create a functioning drone that can wrap around your wrist like a watch and launch itself into the sky with the use of flexible electronics.

Source: CNBC

Nixie drone uses a tiny processor called the Intel Edison chip. Its size is similar to that of an SD card. With the help of these tiny electronics, Kohstal was able to build the drones arms which can wrap around the wrist.

Nixie has two automatic modes offered: the boomerang mode and the “follow me” mode. In the Boomerang mode, the drone will automatically return to you after it shoots your video. In “follow me” mode, the drone will follow you as you move around, giving

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