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Why Rain or Shine is the Best Paint in the Philippines

Asian Coatings’ Rain or Shine is by far the Leading Paint & Coating Brand in the Philippines

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Tagged as one of Philippines best paints, Rain or Shine (ROS) Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint has proved to be an innovative leader in the field. From manufacturing top quality house paints way back in 1992 to venturing into the production of excellent elastomeric waterproofing paint twelve years after, the company strives on providing only the best products in town.

Rain or Shine paint continues to develop their products to suit the changing demand of the public and providing its customers with only the best and superior elastomeric paints in the county. And among the latest trends in their coatings is the broad array of environmental innovations they incorporated into their paints, some of which are featured here.

Protective Features of Paint & Seal Products

ROS Hydro Lock


As what its name suggests, ROS Hydro Lock is uniquely designed to withstand wind-driven rains and extreme water pressure up to 15 psi which amounts to a 33-feet-high wall of water. Its superior formulation is also specially blended with agents to resist mildew growth.

This super-premium waterproof coating is the ideal paint both for your interior and exterior concrete walls, along with basement walks, landscape walls, above or below grade concrete walls, and even concrete blocks. With its low sheen finish, the ROS Hydro Lock will not only protect your home from both negative and positive pressure but will also provide a sleek look to your dream house.

ROS Wall Mastic


Especially formulated to solve the majority of your waterproofing problems, the ROS Wall Mastic is designed to create a surface membrane that can withstand water penetration. This coating stops leaks, fills pores, and seals hairline cracks of both your interior and exterior walls. It is highly durable and lasts longer than most of the paints in the market.

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On top of that, ROS Wall Mastic prevents any type of flaking, peeling, and chipping, leaving your home looking as sleek as its low sheen finish. It is also highly resistant to chalking and mildew. The paint is applicable for both new construction painting and repainting purposes.

ROS Roof Mastic




The ROS Roof Mastic is Rain or Shine’s solution to leaking roof problems. With its premium quality formulation, this Paint and Seal technology protects your roof not only from minor and major leaks but also from the harsh Ultra-violet rays of the sun. ROS Roof Mastic creates a virtually impenetrable, protective membrane that keeps your roofs free of problems. This saves you both time and money, makes your roofs last longer, and creates a fine-looking finish.

ROS Deck Seal


Mostly used for exterior concrete decks, ROS Deck Seal features brilliantly formulated elastomeric and crack building properties that are specially designed to keep your floors free from rainwater leakage. This ready to use roof deck sealer offers you with high tensile strength, hairline crack covering capabilities, and efflorescence prevention. Combine all of this with its low sheen finish and weatherproof features, ROS Deck Seal will prolong and protect your buildings and home while simultaneously providing better-looking roof decks.

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