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The Work of a Mining Engineer That You Didn’t Know

What does the work of a mining engineer cover?

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Tasks of a Mining Engineer.

The field of mining engineering is all about searching for deposits of natural resources and extracting them efficiently while minimizing risks. It is that discipline in engineering where natural resources like gravel, coal, copper, iron, tungsten, gold, and silver are unearthed.

Tasks of a Mining Engineer (Source: Saskatchewan Polytechnic)

Other than what the name suggests, it is the job of mining engineers to ensure the safe and efficient development of mines and other surface and underground operations. Mining engineers should be familiar of these structures on their surrounding environment paired with the technical knowledge and management skills.

Tasks of a Mining Engineer (Source: Explore for More Careers)

The scope of work of mining engineers covers assessment of mining ventures up to the site operations, and even distribution. Mining engineers undertake feasibility studies, model or design potential mine sites, and prepares plans for mines like tunnels and shafts for underground mines. In the operations, mining engineers are tasked to ensure that procedures run smoothly, activities are being monitored, and more importantly the safety of the workers and the site or mine is upheld. This job has high risks especially when underground, so mining engineers have the responsibility to oversee underground issues like lighting and ventilation.

Tasks of a Mining Engineer (Source: peopleforthefuture)

Being able to work as a mining engineer, one needs to have a degree in one of these courses: civil engineering; geology; mine and quarry engineering; minerals surveying; and mining and mineral engineering.

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Mining engineers can be employed in mining companies, mining finance and consultancy companies, environmental consultancies, quarrying and extraction companies, and major manufacturing and construction companies. They can earn a median annual salary of $90,160 in May 2014 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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