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World’s Best Water Companies

What does it take to become one of the world’s best water companies? Profits? Innovations? Services? Here are the water companies who stood out.

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What does it take to become one of the world’s best water companies? Some would say that success will reflect in profits, in innovations or in partnerships. Others would say it has to be a combination of all three. Serving people is the fundamental of these companies and perhaps it’s the quality of service individuals should look at first.

If you’re an engineer or an investor looking for a water company to apply for or invest in, you should be keen on the characteristics of the business. Below are examples of the water companies who stood out beyond performing well in the market.


Rooted from a company established in 1853 to provide public utilities, Veolia has become one of the world’s best water companies. In terms of revenues and innovation success, the market seems to always favor this French business. Currently, they have 350 proprietary technologies in their portfolio and 168,000 employees across the globe to extend their services wherever needed.

One of their mission is to lessen the footprint of the technologies they make. Their product, Continuous Electro-Deionization, the latest generation of ion-exchange technology, can purify water without using chemicals that can degrade the environment. Veolia is also investing in turning wastewater treatment plants into bio-refineries to produce biodegradable plastics.

New York City has also commissioned this company to improve and manage the water systems while ensuring lower costs, knowing that the city is a big spender when it comes to utility maintenance. In 2016, the company earned €2.0 billion in revenue. Their commitment to adhere to challenges and threats posed not just by competitors but also the environment has paved the way for them to stand above the rest.

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Improving access to water and providing education on water issues beyond the profits are what makes this company deserving to earn a place in the world’s best water companies. Their services vary from agriculture and irrigation, energy and power, pharma, to residential and many more. In 2017, they garnered $4.7 billion in revenue.

Xylem highlights building Advanced Infrastructure Analytics (AIA) platform on their list of priorities. This technology is said to aid clients in understanding the conditions and problems regarding their infrastructures to better allocate resources and reduce expenses. This technology powers their EmNet network modeling and optimization solutions to enable municipalities to manage their urban water cycle, including their wastewater and storm water systems.

To address the challenges associated with the “water-climate nexus,” the company is also calling on global decision-makers to make actions. Xylem also collaborates with other companies and organizations with alike visions of creating sustainable solutions in the water sector. These attributes can truly be noted as a characteristic of the world’s best.


Perhaps, no one thought that the business which started in the humble basement of Poul Due Jensen in Denmark in 1945 would nurture into of one of the world’s best water companies. Guided by six core values including sustainability and relentless ambitions, this company has proven itself as a trendsetter and global leader when it comes to water service. Grundfos currently houses 83 companies and is accessible in 56 countries.

This pump manufacturer giant has acquired 3.036 billion EUR in revenues this year, surpassing its top competitors in the market. The Grundfos Lifelink water solutions combine innovation in pump technology, revenue collection and water management with a network of professionals. Grundfos service partners to confront the global water crisis. Amidst the failures of many companies in an attempt to provide long-term solutions, this company is steadfast in creating holistic approach.

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Recently, the company has partnered with Augury, a leading AI-based mechanical diagnostics provider, to develop smart diagnostics and create world-class condition monitoring services and solutions for the customers. It is indeed necessary to navigate different technologies and strategies to provide more value to end users which is truly evident with all best water companies.

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