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World’s Greatest Drag Race (part 3)

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We’re back to a shimmering sun bleached airstrip somewhere in the USA for yet another installment of Motor Trends ¼ mile trashing of the best drivers cars on the road today. The contenders for the third installment of the World’s Greatest Drag Race were The Dodge STR Viper, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Vanquish, Audi R8, BMW M6, F-Type Jag, Porsche Carrera 4S, Porsche Cayman. Even a Mercedes AMG wagon and a humble Ford Focus ST lined up next to race with Nissan’s GTR and now dressed for track work and my personal favorite, the Mercedes SLS AMG gullwing.World’s Greatest Drag Race 3 (Source: Motor Trend via Giphy)The dramatic Gullwing is an attempt to pay homage to the now fabled 300SL of the 1950’s the world’s first post war super car. With blistering pace, frightening dynamics and near non-existent brakes, the original 300SL was no doubt one of the top 5 ways to depart the planet in its day. The SLS however rectifies all of its ancestor’s foibles, including pyrotechnic doors that blast off in a roll over! Handy, if you find yourself upside down in a ditch!World’s Greatest Drag Race 3 (Source: Motor Trend via Giphy)Now, you will remember that last time, the Nissan GTR was outclassed by the Lambo Aventador, and the McLaren coffee percolator (my name not theirs). Given the $300,000 dollar price difference, the GTR offered real value for money. In the end, the McLaren won it for me despite the Lambo’s clear lead for its discretion and sheer aplomb! This time round, as much as I hoped the Mercedes would take line honors. Godzilla the GTR ate its opposition over the ¼ mile, pursued by the Mercedes and the Audi. The rest were the usual also-rans with Aston and Bentley being the biggest disappointments. The Bentley was beaten by the German taxi pack in drag E class AMG wagon and the Aston almost waltzing with the Cayman at the back of the field. So once again, if you can live with its reptilian looks the, GTR is again the king of the quarter mile.World’s Greatest Drag Race 3 (Source: Motor Trend via Giphy)Watch the badass race

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