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10 Reasons Why Engineers Should Leave the Office On Time

Here’s a list of Reasons why you should leave the office on time.

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Engineers, it’s 9 PM, are you still at the office?

“An extra 2-3 hours won’t hurt.”

“I need to finish these.”

“Just a few more hours.”

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Do these sound familiar? Whether it comes from yourself or from your fellow engineers you know, you all know what this is about—OVERTIME.

Working overtime for many, is necessary. Especially so, if you and your fellow engineers are working on a special software or construction project, or if it’s absolutely necessary. The problem is when working overtime becomes almost an everyday habit.

Ouch? Did it hurt your pride? Sorry.

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Here’s a list of Reasons why engineers should leave the office on time.

1. Overtime lets you establish a wrong standard at work and your personal life.

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Personally, I used to work at an engineering company where everybody just had to work overtime.

My contract stated my working hours to be from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

To be able to fit in, I would render more hours than necessary. I would even go to the office on Saturdays and sometimes end up staying overnight.

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What’s worse is whenever I finish my job on time—6pm sharp, and log off from work, everyone’s heads would turn to my direction and eyebrows would raise upon me.

I loved my work, unfortunately, it didn’t love me. I left after 2 years.

2. You think you’re being loyal to your company when rendering overtime, but actually, you’re just turning yourself into a slave

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Working in a company means mutual respect.

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You work your ass off, giving your time, energy, and skills, and in return, they pay you your monthly salary, medical insurance, allowances and –overtime. If they don’t compensate your overtime hours then you’re basically offering your services for free.

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So engineers are so cheap now that they offer free work?

3. Consistent overtime means you are NOT using your time efficiently

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You call yourself engineers? You guys can’t even use time management properly?

Yes, let’s admit something here. When we can’t finish our tasks on time, it only means one thing. We suck at time management.

Maybe you were chatting with a friend too long, or you were busy finishing the wrong tasks, or maybe you couldn’t say no to your boss whenever he bombards you with new projects.

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Whatever it is, you aren’t using your time efficiently, period.

4. Overtime gets you addicted to something that damages you

Let’s face it, nothing addictive is good.

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When you start seeing everyone is doing it, you end up thinking it’s fine to do it as well.

Then you end up taking away quality from your life to achieve your company’s irrational deadlines.

5. You’re taking more responsibility than necessary

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“Don’t take more than you can handle” Sounds familiar?

While taking extra responsibility may be courageous, it could do more damage than good, if you already have your hands full.

6. You could use the extra time for something more personal

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Imagine what you could have done if you left the office on time.

A family dinner date? Dancing with some friends? Having a warm relaxing bubble bath at home? Chilling with a loved one at home while watching a movie maybe?

7. You pay for rent/ paid for your house

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You pay for your apartment/ paid for your house to LIVE there, to relax, to chill, to have quality time with friends and family, to have privacy in.

But where do you spend most of your time? Let me guess—the office. We will give you a big letter L… Loser!

8. You’re killing your Social Life

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Having to render overtime all the time means you won’t have time for your friends and family.

Let’s say you do get time, you won’t enjoy as much since you’re already too tired to give your best.

#9 Sooner or later you’ll burn out

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Unless you’re Superman or Supergirl, I guarantee that one day, with this excessive overtime routine of yours, your body will eventually will give up.

Even though engineers are honed for all-nighter, they will wear-off as you age.

10. You start to lose yourself

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Having all of these going on, of course you’re going to go crazy.

First you start telling yourself, it’s only for now. Then you feel, that you NEED to do it. You then continue to work your ass off until you lose contact with family, friends, and loved ones.

You also lose contact with yourself. All this losses for what? For extra money? Sometimes even for nothing. It’s an unending cycle that only you can break.

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I wrote this as an advice for anyone who thinks there is total pride in rendering habitual overtime.

Think of your body, your loved ones, spend time for yourself. You weren’t brought into this world just to make money, pay bills and die.

Don’t forget to actually LIVE.

Now that you’re enlightened, how about proposing a 30-hour work week to your engineering firm?

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