10 Ways Engineers Can Generate Ideas for Their Startup

If you’ve ever thought about creating a startup of your own but don’t know what your company will be, this may help you

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Startup companies are now taking the world by storm. There are a vast amount of people from all walks of life creating their very own businesses that fits their very own personality. If you’ve ever thought about creating a startup of your own but don’t know what your company will be, here’s a few tips on how to generate ideas for your startup.

Think of a problem

Yes, you heard that right. It’s best if you think of a problem that you want to solve rather than thinking of something cool that you’d want to try out. You’d have more success building up a business model to solve a specific problem rather than building on off a cool idea you got off the internet.

Businesses are there to solve problems. If your business does not solve a problem, you wouldn’t have a market to work with. That said, your business will thrive depending on how big the amount of people affected by the problem is. Every business has a problem they’re solving, that’s why yours should too.

You don’t have to be “original”

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A lot of successful businesses didn’t even create the idea from scratch. It’s not a matter of generating an idea that revolves entirely on a concept YOU created. It can be an existing idea that you’d want to re-imagine into your own creative version.

Take Facebook as an example; It’s a huge and successful Social Media Platform but it’s not the FIRST Social Media Platform. Facebook took the idea of a Social Media Platform and transformed it into their own intricate design.

If you can’t think of a problem, ask your friends or family

There’s nothing better than asking the consumers themselves. Are they bothered by the issues with the environment? Is it something you can create an idea from? Do you have a way of solving this issue? If you said yes to any of it, then asking around did you good.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a good look at your surroundings. It’s a good way to see how the people in your community will benefit from your upcoming business and if it’s really what your target market needs.

Think practically

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There’s a lot of ideas which sound really good on paper but not in actuality. You’d have to check time in again if your business idea is something you or your partners can do. If you got a couple of ideas, sort through them first. Think whether it’s really needed or whether it’s actually doable. If your current idea pool gets drained, take a step back and check for more.

A business has to be practical to start with, if you think you’d be setting yourself up for something really risky, think twice before you plunge right in.

Go with what you like

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If you’ve already gathered the ideas needed and you’re having a hard time choosing which one you’re going to go with, here’s a question you should ask yourself: “Is this really what I want to go with?”

If you answered yes, then go with it. This way, you’ll love it when it booms and it you’ll regret it less if it fails. Always consider where your heart lies since it’ll allow you to focus more and give more to the startup you’re planning to grow.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice

If you have a friend or someone who has a business background (having a startup is a plus) then don’t hesitate to ask them for advice. If you don’t have anyone near you who can help, try searching online or try reading a book about business ideas.

If you’re boggled about an idea you have, ask questions from people who know or take it to yourself to learn more about it.

Let your brain rest

If you’re stuck creating an idea, take a breather. It’s not good to continuously squeeze ideas out from a tired brain. Let your brain cool down and think about it tomorrow. No good idea comes overnight.

Thinking of too much and not allowing your brain some rest means new and fresh ideas might not come to you. Always make sure that your brain gets some rest. Who knows? Your dreams might just inspire you.

Go to new places

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A little exploration won’t hurt anyone. If in any case you can’t find anything in your community, try reaching out to new places. You can try going overseas or just travel within your country, it’s completely up to you. New environments inspire your brain to think outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to see things from a different perspective.

They say traveling helps calm the mind and soul. It also helps your brain by exposing it to new things which broaden your mind and increase the chances of developing creating and innovative ideas.

Know how big you want your startup to be


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It will surely help your mind in generating ideas if you know how big the startup company you’re making should be. If you plan to make a small-scale startup, it’s best to let go of ideas that are too grand or are too costly. Consider the amount of manpower your idea would need for it to work. If you’re planning on a large-scale startup, see if your idea’s risk factor is worth taking.

The idea should be relatable

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A good business idea should take their market into consideration. If your business idea is too confusing or is something that the audience has little knowledge of, it’s best to rethink your plan. If your customers are unaware of the subject you’re trying to do, it’s going to be extra work for you to convince them that your business is actually worth it.





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