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4 Areas of Your Business You Should Outsource in 2020

Here are the 4 areas of your Business you should outsource in 2020

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2020 is set to be one of the most interesting years yet for business, technology, and engineering. As we all know, running a business is incredibly difficult but thanks to advancements in tech and software it is becoming much easier.

One of the most useful advancements for business has been the improved ability to outsource many tasks, thanks to better forms of communication and the ability to send money around the world quickly and safely.

This has allowed many businesses to go online and find the best freelancer or organization for individual projects or ongoing tasks that they do not want to complete in-house. This frees up a company’s employees and allows them to work on more important aspects of their role. It also saves a business a lot of money in the long run.

Here are the 4 areas of your Business you should outsource in 2020.

1. Content Marketing

Marketing was one of the first areas of a business to be outsourced with many freelance designers or small creative agencies working solely online. Now, all aspects of marketing can be outsourced with ease. This can include anything from design, copywriting, strategy, SEO, advertising, and content creation.

Marketing is absolutely essential to any business that wants to succeed in 2020. It is imperative that businesses develop their brand, build a rapport with their customers, and market their latest products/services in the best way possible. Without a solid marketing plan, over 35% of businesses fail.

A modern business can not deny the importance of marketing. However, the internet is now making it easier than ever to go online and find the perfect marketing freelancers and agencies with the click of a button. If you need a specific project completing like web design you can find a professional freelancer with tons of proven experience on Fiverr at a decent rate. Those in need of a full marketing solution can find a digital marketing agency who can manage everything you need from brand awareness to email campaigns all via Skype and email.

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This flexibility allows a business to save serious amounts of money from their marketing budget without sacrificing any quality in your marketing performance.

2. IT Services


The days of implementing large and expensive in-house IT departments are over. Now, with the help of the improved connectivity of people via the internet, all your IT support needs can be handled by an external IT solutions company.

This has a many benefits for a business. First, it saves the business a small fortune that would usually be spent on paying a large number of IT staff in-house. Second, your IT team can now spend their precious time on helping to build your business through innovative new hardware and software solutions. Finally, your business saves tons of time which would otherwise be spent dealing with IT issues in-house freeing up everyone to concentrate on their own work and avoiding any implications between in-house staff.

Now, full IT support can be had at the click of a button or a simple phone call. IT support companies usually offer 24/7 support for your staff using the best trained IT personnel available who all boast the latest in IT certifications and training. No more hefty expenses or time lost when you need to re-train your in-house IT support.

3. Accounts

Not all business need a full accounting department, especially small businesses. Outsourcing your accounting needs has a myriad of benefits for business owners and their team. Let’s face it, most of us don’t enjoy the task of accounting as it takes up so much of our times and induces so much stress among team members.

So, why not outsource your accounting needs to a freelancer or accounting firm? Let them handle all the stress and pain in balancing the books or tracking expenses so that you and your team can focus on your own roles. Outsourcing your accounts saves you money also eliminating the need to hire full-time accountants that are not needed on a 9-5 basis. You can use your outsourced accounts team only as and when you need them and only pay them for that time.

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You can also help to reduce fraud by hiring a CFO who is trained to investigate any unusual activity. As a small business, you usually wouldn’t be able to hire a full-time CFO, but when you outsource you can hire a CFO part-time to watch out for unusual activity.

Finally, when you hire a specialised accounting firm you are hiring a team of experts in their field. You aren’t required to train them or pay for the latest certifications. This is all handled by the third-party accounting firm This saves you money, time, and ensure you are always getting the best accounting service possible.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is relatively new concept that has been taking off around the world. Rather than hiring a full-time in-house assistant, you can now hire an expert virtual assistant who works remotely and only works the hours required to complete your tasks. Almost like a pay-as-you-go assistant. This saves money, time and ensures you are getting a great assistant.

With modern technology, it’s simple for a virtual assistant to stay on top of your every need. They can communicate through messenger services, emails, Skype, Slack, Teamwork or whatever system you prefer. Scheduling, bookings, meetings, data input and more can all be completed from a remote desk by your virtual assistant.

Having a virtual assistant or more in different time zones can also help you to offer your clients a 24/7 service making your business always open and ready to take new orders, information, meetings, and invitations. You can also scale your assistant needs up and down as necessary with no contracts or commitments in place.

The biggest benefit to having virtual assistants is to allow you to create a better work-life balance for yourself. You no longer need to always be available when your armed with a number of competent virtual assistants that can handle everything for you while you spend time with your family or enjoy a round of golf.


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