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5 Qualities That You Should Look For in Your Engineering Boss

Because no one ever deserves a lousy boss.

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No engineer ever stays with just one company in his or her entire life. It is common to jump into different companies before turning 40, maybe even 30, seeking either a professional advancement, a better financial security, or a job that fuels passion.

But it’s also common that engineers do not put into the equation the qualities of the boss when joining a new company. They say that this isn’t an important factor.

No. Notice that many engineers eventually give up their jobs when they realize that the boss they signed up for is not really much of an effective leader or manager. Many articles have already emphasized that some people quit because of their bosses and not because of their jobs.

That is why if you are one of those engineers who plan to get a new job, you should look for these five qualities in your next boss:

Intellectually Curious

While engineers are inherently curious, sometimes the actions they make as leaders and managers do not translate that. Great engineering leaders should be able to approach problems like a true engineer: step by step and considering all aspects.

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Also, when the boss is curious, he or she must be flexible to the opinions and suggestions of the subordinates in dealing with different matters, as well as practicing empathy towards other employees.

Progressive and Proactive

To be progressive and proactive means that the boss should look at the big picture while executing specific strategies to achieve goals. The boss that you should work with should be willing to make certain personal sacrifices when necessary, the same way that he or she enforces you to accomplish tasks within deadlines.

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Values Relationships

One of the most underrated qualities of a good leader is how he or she gets along with others. The relationships formed inside the workplace should not be anchored on the hierarchy in the engineering organization.

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Great leaders and managers do not find a reason not to treat others like family just because they are the boss and others are the subordinates. They believe that there should be no large gap between to make them accessible, while maintaining the respect of those in higher positions. They value family-like relationships which strengthen the overall organizational performance of the company.


Especially when the leader or manager knows what he or she is doing, it only takes an ample amount of persuasive ability for the boss to influence the employees positively.

You should always look for that quality of a boss about knowing how to challenge you while empowering your professional growth.

Nurtures Talent

More than appreciating talent, a good boss should be able to nurture the skills of the engineers who bring significant growth to the company. This gives top performers the job satisfaction and a reason to stay within the company because they feel that their work is important and has an impact.

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