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5 Ways That Your Engineering Job is Making You Fat

Did you notice you have bloated over the past few months? It must be one or two among these five things.

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How did your work uniform fit today? Did you find it difficult to wear your clothing because you have gotten so fat?

We are not writing this to fat-shame you, but to face the reality that your engineering job must be the one making you fat. And weight gain is not all about vanity or aesthetics – there are health risks of being overweight like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and even certain types of cancer.

The core of this weight problem is in your unhealthy lifestyle while working as an engineer. Several factors contribute to this like the following:


Engineers are often so stressed that you should already be able to adapt to this lifestyle.

But the truth is that it has negative effects on your body and mind. The long hours in your workplace and the demanding deadlines and requirements have a toll in your waistline.

Science says that stress can lead to bloating and swelling. It makes your intestines more prone to irritation, causing you to feel “blimpier.” Not to mention what they call as the “stress eating,” which gives you the feeling to reach for comfort through your favorite foods typically high in sugar, carbs, salt, and grease.

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Lack of sleep

Being not able to get enough sleep for a day makes you gravitate towards sugary and junky foods to keep your energy levels up, which is really unhealthy.

The lack of a good night’s rest also has a toll on your metabolism, slowing it down – so this is actually paired in your food intake because of its impact on your weight.

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Sedentary desk job

Are you an engineer who works in an office or laboratory all day long? The odds are that your lack of movement at work greatly contributes to your obesity compared to those who move around all the time like those who work in factories, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.

Science also says that prolonged desk sitting causes the receptors on your muscles to become more resistant to insulin, causing your metabolism to decrease. It says that “the machinery of your muscles stop working the way they are designed to.”

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Social pressure

There are lots of social gatherings to attend to related to your work, perhaps work anniversary dinners, officemates’ birthday lunches, and holiday parties. And in every occasion you will be forced to eat a lot. This is social pressure making you increase your waistline.

Unhealthy temptations

In general, it can indeed be deceiving when you see commercials or ads of sweet delights and delicious dishes on television or over the internet. This makes you try and go to restaurants and food courts for cravings. The struggle is so real for this kind of unhealthy temptations which allows you to gain weight without you knowing it.

Now, how accurate is this list, really? And what will you do about these things?

Source: Monster

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