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6 Signs That You Are Working in the Right Engineering Job

How many signs in this list are present in your current job?

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Some would say that there is no such thing as a “perfect” job for engineers because stress is always part of the work. They would argue that this is due to the demanding requirements, long hours, and stringent deadlines.

And what they say is true. That every engineering job is indeed stressful.

While to say that there is a perfect engineering job is pure idiocy, you only need to find the right job for you wherein the stress is not toxic or detrimental to you as an employee. There are indicators that should say that you are in an imperfect job but it is tailored for you. Check these 6 signs:

You are learning

If you discover that you learn something new at work everyday, that is a huge sign that the job is right for you. Why? Because the lack of learning could only mean that you are not the right person for that job, and that it is reserved for someone else. Plus, being able to gain new knowledge leads to your professional growth as an engineer, which is a great thing.

You have a healthy work-life balance

Not all jobs offer this kind of opportunity. So when you find yourself a job which allows you to have a healthy work-life balance, stay – unless of course there are factors that tell you otherwise. The gist here is that while the work is stressful at its core, you have the time to take a break by having quality time outside the job.

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You don’t dread going into the office

Bad boss? Annoying workmates? They make up a bad workplace which lead to you hating every moment spent with them. That’s not the right job for you. You know what they say about why people leave jobs: the people they work with.

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You like the people you work with

Of course not it is impossible that you are friends with everyone at work, as there will always be people that you do not click with. But you only need a few people, who you regularly spend time with, who can make you say that you are in right company. Perhaps you share the same interests, you have the same wavelengths, or simply they are not a headache to work with.

There are opportunities for growth

Think about where you were in the last six months. Are you having the same responsibilities? Or have you been given more significant tasks? Because it is important for a job that you see yourself progressing. You do not want to be stuck in a career where you have become stagnant. Remember, you are an engineer and you have a lot to offer in this world.

You have a great boss

This is similar to the previous one already pointed out, only with emphasis on the boss. It had to be emphasized because your boss can make or break your job. A great boss is one who is easy to work with and is capable of pushing you to your limits without being irritating, because you know he or she has an intention to help you grow professionally. One who makes your job as an engineer more bearable by setting a good example at work.

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