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The 8 Core Principles of Successful Engineering Bosses

Here are the must-know beliefs of the topnotch CEOs!

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The most successful engineering bosses got to where they are now for a reason: they have certain beliefs which are proven to be the formula for success. While there are different management styles and personalities, certain core principles must be present among the managers to ensure that the companies they lead are going where they are supposed to go.

Here are 8 of those core beliefs to know if you are an engineering manager who wants to follow the footsteps of the most successful CEOs:

Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield

For great bosses, they look at their business as a symbiosis where the most diverse firm is most likely to survive and thrive. That should also be the same with engineering companies where there is a variety of skills to be utilized in many aspects of the job.

A company is a community, not a machine

It is better to regard the firm as a gathering of people who help together in achieving goals rather than individual mechanisms contributing to a specific target. Because that way, there is a better cooperation between the employees.

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Management is service, not control

Decisions made by bosses are not always made by them – sometimes it comes from those under them. Management is not about control, but more of a collaborative effort to set a general direction. Managers only lead guide the way.

Employees are peers, not children

A patriarchal environment does not work all at the time. But for sure, when the work environment is founded on brotherhood and sisterhood, at any level of the work ladder there is better commitment to fulfilling responsibilities.

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Motivation comes from vision, not from fear

It is never a good practice to instill fear to employees as a source of motivation. Instead, the great boss should be able to share a vision with his or her subordinates so that they do not feel dragged in meeting the company’s goals.

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Change equals growth, not pain

No manager has ever figured out a gameplan for every task or problem at hand. Especially for engineers, there will always be unforeseen circumstances which will change the direction of the activities. Embrace that because it is the only path to success. There is no point thinking about change as a hindrance because it is bound to happen all the time.

Technology offers empowerment, not automation

In all fields, like in engineering, technology should be treated as a support, not a replacement to workers. It only needs to be regulated for management and operations to go smoothly but with the help of better tools.

Work should be fun, not mere toil

It is fairly difficult to find happiness when engineers are bound to be stressed all the time. But if you as a boss is able to make the work as fun as possible, know that it really helps. Do not add to the burden of the nature of the job.

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