Best Pieces of Advice for Millennial Engineers

Not everything in life is easy, that’s why we’ve gathered some healthy advice to help our growing millennial engineers.

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Having our younger generation learn from our mistakes is the best way to help them grow. But advice doesn’t necessarily need to come from older people. It can also come from people of the same generation that have had their fair share of experiences. Millennial engineers need every bit of philosophy to help them through their daily lives. Everything is important, from career choices, to building relationships. If you’re one of these millennials that need a little nudge to the right path, here’s a few tips for you.

Never settle for less

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If you’re reaching for goals in your life, it’s best not to settle for what you don’t like. If you’re looking for fieldwork but you’re stuck in a desk job, try to see how you can work towards it. Don’t stop just because ‘it has good pay’ or because ‘it’s too risky to try for better’. That kind of attitude will never get your wheels moving forward. If your mindset is just to earn money to survive, you won’t last long in that job.

Be prepared to take risks

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If you’re not taking risks, you won’t make mistakes. This sounds good, but in reality it’s not. Mistakes are needed for a person to grow. It’s like tripping over a crack on the sidewalk as a child. After getting hurt once, you’ll most likely be more cautious of it and avoid it in the future. Risks are scary, it’s true, but it’s also one of the key elements towards improving yourself and your career. Try to take risks, especially in your earlier years, just not too much that you end up destroying your career.

Take note of your outputs

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If you’re tasked with a project, try to take note of what numbers it gives you in the end. See if it helped the company and if it did, just by how much. It’s important for you to know how much of an impact you make at everything you do. Most young people will often write “general information” on their resume, and that’s not what you want to do. “Managed Project Y” sounds good, but having “Increased profitability by X percent by managing Project Y” sounds better.

Make a website about YOU

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A good way to store your experiences and accomplishments is by putting it inside something. In our age today, the best way to place that would be on a website under your name. This makes it easier to give out and share your work experiences with anyone, whether it be hiring managers, or freelance clients. It’s like an online resume that’s available to everyone, even while you’re asleep.

Go BIG or go home

If you’re not willing to make a big impact as early as possible, chances are that your managers and superiors wouldn’t even take notice of you. Being dead-set on climbing the ranks comes with getting noticed. Take initiative on projects and workload that needs to be done. Put a little more sacrifice as early as possible, it’ll bear good fruit in the future.



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