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The Best Things That Engineers Can Learn on Their First Jobs

This one is for the engineering graduates!

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Several times we said that the time spent in engineering school is never enough to learn everything about the chosen engineering course, both in terms of technical knowledge and communication skills. The list is endless when it comes to things yet to know about engineering after college.

Engineering graduates can fully realize this once they get their first jobs. They will be surprised that they still have a lot to know, and that they learn something new every single day.

In Quora, somebody asked about the best things that the users learned on their first jobs. The question was met with overwhelming responses, which engineering students can learn from so they could already set expectations.

Here is what we found:

Work smart, work hard

Engineers show know how to do more per unit of time as well as turn their ideas into reality regardless of time constraints. When they how to set priorities and manage time, among others, they are bound to become successful in what they do.

Work independently, work collaboratively

There are times that engineers have to work alone and times that they have to get along with a team to achieve goals.

To work independently is more on taking initiative on tasks that needs to be done. It is about figuring something out by yourself rather than wait for someone to come along and tell you what to do. Meanwhile, it is a given for engineers to work together because one task often has a domino effect to other tasks in different departments, thus collaboration is required.

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Learn by listening, not by talking

The first engineering job entails a lot of absorbing new information through listening. For this, the task of engineers is to pay attention and when necessary, to ask questions because this is where learning comes from.

Develop all skills

It is important for engineers on their first jobs to get all the skills that they could get. From technical, interpersonal, and communication, these skills find great purpose as the work progresses. The common notion that engineering is all about technical work is a myth – it takes more than just that to achieve success in the field.

Take some time off

This is the most underrated job advice in any field. Too often, engineers who are new in the field will deliver their best which could mean about them sacrificing their personal life. That is wrong. Even when they are just starting, they have to develop that culture of work-life balance – this is already proven to be a great solution in preventing work stress. Nobody wants to have burnout at the start of their engineering careers.

Source: Quora

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