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Common Misconceptions About Engineers

Here are 7 misconceptions about engineering debunked, so that you don’t have to explain it to every non-engineer you meet

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Let’s face it- no matter what we do and no matter how hard we try, we will always somehow be categorized into stereotypes; and when you’re an engineer, that means being subject to quite a few of them.

It can be annoying, and it’ll be extremely tiring to have to explain to every single non-engineering person that these stereotypes just aren’t true, which is why we’ve got your back.

Here are the top 7 misconceptions about engineers that can’t be any further from the truth.

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1) All engineers know that engineering is what they always wanted to do


This is a lie. A very big lie. While a few of us know that engineering is what they wanted to do, majority of us don’t- just like everyone else. A lot of times, we just take up engineering because it’s either is the best option at the time, it’s what guarantees us a stable job in the future, or just because it sounded cool. We only learn to love it after, say, 3 years of suffering.

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2) All engineers are really smart, especially when it comes to math


While the field of engineering usually does have more intelligent people than usual, that doesn’t mean all of us are. Heck, because of number 1, we usually don’t know what we’re getting into; and a lot of us hate math. Trust me. But when literally 90% of your subjects are math, you’re basically forced to like it and be good at it.

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3) Engineers are nerds and geeks


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While I can see where this is coming from, it’s not true for all of us. It just so happens that the nerds and geeks in engineering aren’t afraid to show that they are in the field of engineering, whilst in other fields they usually hide it. But a lot of us do party and go dancing and drinking. I mean, with all that academic stress and pressure, we kind of need it. It’s like our coping mechanism.

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4) 404 no female engineers found


Albeit few and outnumbered by males 10:1, female engineers do exist. 

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5) You shouldn’t date an engineer


This I don’t quite understand. Yes, an engineer barely has any free time due to academic requirements, but if you do date one, they will make time for you; and who doesn’t want someone who actually goes out of their way and puts you in their priority list instead of someone who goes on dates with you just because they have nothing else to do? Also, there’s a smaller likelihood of cheating. We just don’t have enough time for that. At all.

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6) Engineers have either a dry sense of humor or none at all


If you were friends with an actual engineer, you’ll know that this isn’t true. And their sense of humor varies from sarcastic, nerd humor, to downright so weird you can’t help but laugh.

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7) Most engineers are socially awkward


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This isn’t true. We are just as social as everyone else; we just choose not to, because we don’t have time for it. I mean, do you think someone who’s learning about quantum physics has time to go out and party? As much as we want to, we can’t.

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