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Difficult Engineering Job Interview Questions

How about we challenge you now to questions from different companies from around the world? Think of an interesting response to each question.

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Whether you’re a mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, electronics or software engineer, we all get so nervous when we get interviewed for an engineering job.

Questions like “Why should we hire you?” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” can be nerve wracking and our answers are very crucial in getting a yes from our future employers.

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It may be simple for other companies but what about companies that are at the top of their game? For sure not anyone can get in, right?

When a company is doing really great and has established itself in their respective fields, expect the application process to be intense and competitive. Everybody wants to be part of it but not everyone can get in.

Have you ever been asked unusual questions during a job interview? How were you able to respond to them?

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How about we challenge you now to these questions from different companies from around the world?

Could you think of an interesting response to each question?

How about you rate the difficulty of these questions from 1 to 10. 10 being the hardest and 1 for easy.

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You have 30 seconds. List as many uses for a baseball bat as you can think of.

Gartner Client Partner Interview

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Teach me something.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Consultant Interview

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Write a pseudo-code for a method and then create a full database schema for the proposed scenario.

Sapient Associate Consultant Interview


Try to estimate the revenue from sale of tickets at Olympics 2024.

Bain & Company Business Analyst Interview

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What is the total surface area of a Boeing 747?

ZS Associate Business Operations Associate Interview

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Tell us a story which the title is Green Hat.

ThoughtWorks Software Engineer Interview

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How would you calculate the annual carbon emissions from electric versus gas vehicles in the EU?

McKinsey Business Analyst Interview

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How would you build an airplane engine from scratch?

Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Engineer Interview

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How about these interview questions from Google Engineering Department?

Find the best times to buy and sell a stock.

What are dangling pointers?

Find an unbiased decision from a biased coin.

A parking spot is unoccupied 1/3 of the time. Find the probability that it will be empty on the tenth day.


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8 shares, 114 points
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