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A Woman Engineer Can Be a Real Threat

You have been warned.

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It is widely viewed that women need to work twice (or thrice) as hard as men to achieve what they have. In engineering, women must compete with men in a male-dominated industry to the point where they are bound to have more balls than most of them. They have been discriminated, harassed and looked down on yet they manage to do the work just as good as the opposite sex can. Sometimes, even better. So this is a warning to everyone: Don’t mess with an engineer-chick.

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Engineer-chicks pay the bills, cook and clean the house if they want to, but they definitely know how to recycle copper from used printed circuit boards. They raise a family, take their kids to school, then mass-produce food products such as the box of milk you drink from every morning. If you piss her off, she always has the option to make your family and friends’ milk taste nasty.

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Engineer-chicks suffer from raging hormones when they have to surf through the crimson waves once a month but it doesn’t stop them from finding the right steel products to use in building skyscrapers. However, you will receive a lot of snide remarks if you fail to do your job.

Giving them jewelry won’t be an easy task either. Make sure you don’t lie about the karat when you give them the diamond ring. They know the difference between a real one from the fake one. If she accidentally punches you in the face with a real diamond ring, it would leave an appalling mark on your face. But hey, at least we’re very sure it’s a real one.

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If you decide to mess with an engineer-chick, I advise you to be wary of your things. She can tweak them until your things can work against your favor. An engineer-chick can build things but they can easily break them as well. So let me warn you again, don’t mess with one.

However, if you treat her with utmost respect, life gets easier with an engineer-chick. Not only can she bring food to the table, she can put lots of money in the bank. She can easily detect real gold and a fools gold. Not only does she know the difference between a high quality gadget to a cheap one, she knows the value of hard work and perseverance.

Again, it is a truth universally known that an engineer-chick is a fearsome thing to behold. She is one badass woman so hold on to her. Never let her go. Do not break her heart, or else, she’ll break you.

Source: Michigan Engineering via Youtube

Source: Project Lead The Way

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