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7 Reasons Why Your Engineering Business Needs Video Marketing

We found that engineering businesses who are leveraging video marketing as a tool increased their profitability

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Engineering Business


It’s no secret that the Video was recently crowned as the new king. It has become an unavoidable part of our daily dose of entertainment and is an effective way to communicate information, unlike pictures or audio.

Video marketing is the hottest and most promising thing now, and 83% of marketers saw a significant increase in leads after embracing it. Also, 51% of marketers worldwide named video as the type of content with the highest ROI.

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Yet, many engineering business owners are still skeptical about its effectiveness and are reluctant to give it a try.

If you’re one among them or have to persuade higher officials to try out its potential, here are seven compelling reasons why every engineering business in the 21st century needs video marketing to prosper.

1. Video Reduces the Bounce Rate of Websites

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The bounce rate is a crucial factor that affects your SEO as it defines the user experience, relevance, and usability of your website. If your bounce rate is higher, search engines will deem your website irrelevant, thereby reducing your search result rankings.

An average user spends 88% more time on a website with video content than without one. More time on a website translates into a lower bounce rate, which profoundly impacts your rankings.

2. It Can Boost Your Website’s SEO

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A webpage with video content is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google search results. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, if someone finds your video to be informative, engaging, or humorous, they are likely to share them.

Secondly, users tend to pay more attention to website links in search results having video content, which will most likely result in better click-through rates (CTRs) and hence higher rankings.

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Also, just like ranking higher using images, embedding videos allow you to include more relevant keywords to your web pages.

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However, make sure you don’t use their thumbnails as click baits – otherwise, Google will punish you for misleading users.

3. It’s the Cup of Tea for All

Unlike long-form blog posts or infographics, video content is preferred by all, primarily because it requires the least cognitive power to process.

One can watch it while sipping a cup of tea, and unlike blog posts, you don’t have to read it. Instead, it is read to you.

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Videos are also easily accessible and digestible for the busiest and laziest of audiences.

It has immense capabilities to grab the attention of window shoppers and convert them into loyal customers.

Also, video content promotes better brand calling capabilities than any other. This means the next time a user wants a service (which you offer), they are more likely to recall your video and your brand.


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4. Videos Encourage Users to Share

Nearly 48% of people said they would most likely share videos over other types of content. This means if you want more organic views and shares on social media platforms, then videos are your go-to.

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But there’s a catch. Your videos must be worthy enough to be appreciated and shared.

Low-quality content produced for the sake of publishing may not gather much love.

You need to excite the user, add more value to their lives, and make your content so compelling that they must have a hard time not sharing it. It’s a cost-free advertising method, and to make the best out of it, make sure you include social share buttons with all your videos.

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With plenty of online video editing tools to choose from and smartphone cameras having the needed video capturing quality, you’ll have to invest more time in perfecting the concept.

While setting the themes of your videos, try to include a pastel color as millennials and Generation Z prefers this part of the color spectrum. We recommend reading this guide to know more about pastel colors.

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5. Mobile Users Love Video

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More than 75% of video viewing happens on mobile devices. This means to reach the majority of your audience, video is a great format.

Also, most of the consumers use a mobile device to purchase or search products online, and therefore, publishing explainer or review videos will help them make nothing less than informed purchase decisions.

6. Video Builds Trust

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Emotional branding is a critical strategy that can differentiate your engineering business from the rest.

Nearly 94% of respondents, according to a study, said they would highly recommend a brand if they were emotionally invested with it.

Unlike pictures, videos have a better say when it comes to inciting emotions. If you run a product company, you can shoot and upload the story of how your products are created and their impacts on customers.

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Also, whenever you launch a new product, a video explaining its functionality will be more accepted by users than infographics or catalogs.

This means, with videos, you can better assist your customers in the buyers’ journey and help them make informed purchase decisions.

7. It Helps You Stay a Step Ahead

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The truth is the majority of engineering businesses are shy when it comes to leveraging video marketing.

They have a prejudice that its expensive and may not work for their line of products or services. The reality is that no engineering business is beyond the scope of marketing.

By utilizing video marketing before your competitors do, you’ll have the added advantage of creatively marketing your products. Even if video production does cost you some amount of money, its ROI will surely outweigh it.

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Also, after Google, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. If you succeed in creating a reasonable number of subscribers and quality content, you can generate leads from your channel as well.

In Conclusion

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Love it, hate it, or embrace it, video marketing is here to stay for quite some time.

Since social media platforms like YouTube allow you to upload videos for free, it will be the biggest blunder not to leverage its potential.

By this point, we hope you have more than enough reasons to keep your skepticism apart and try out how videos will work for your engineering business. And a video produced serves many purposes. You can repurpose it for multiple platforms – the sky’s the limit.

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