How Engineers Can Develop Their Leadership Presence

For all the newbie leaders, and for those who want to improve their leadership skills.

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Exceptionally good leaders have a certain skill that makes anyone want to listen to them. They have a certain aura, or presence that lures their audience into wanting to cooperate with them. For many leaders, it seems that this quality is already in them naturally, but just like many other leadership traits, anyone who wants to truly lead can learn this. Strong leadership presence can be developed, practiced and honed over time. It just needs some dedication, time and effort. This trait can help you be able to positively dominate a meeting you are facilitating. You will be able to attract the undivided attention of your team, and therefore get them to cooperate. Combine your leadership presence with your natural charisma, and you’re good to go!

Here’s how you can develop your leadership presence.

Know Your Audience

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Whether you are going to facilitate a worldwide conference or give a simple presentation at work, it’s important that you should be receptive to what holds the attention and enthusiasm of your audience right at the beginning of your session and making sure that you will be leaving a lasting impression after.

For example, if you’re giving a presentation to a group of senior business CEO’s who are 50 years old and above, don’t talk to them as if you’re talking to a group of millennial engineers and vice versa. Or if you’re giving a presentation to a group of doctors about a new biomedical device, you shouldn’t delve in too deeply into the electronics side but rather, go into detail about the medical side. Learning to be receptive is an important step to develop your leadership presence. After all, you want them to understand you.

Practice Your Delivery

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Developing your leadership presence means you will need to be a good at delivering the message you want to give your audience. So practicing is the best way to hone this quality. Try talking in front of the mirror, or practice delivering your presentation to friends or family. Listen and observe their comments.

Overcome nervousness

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Nervousness is natural. Even the most gifted leaders feel this too at times. Continue to practice your delivery, make sure everything is clear, and that you are able to convey to your audience the message of your presentation. Soon nervousness won’t be a big issue.

Listen to your audience

Another important quality to develop your leadership presence is to be a good listener. Showing your audience that you care about their concerns and issues improves your listening skills and therefore making you a better leader.

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