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How Engineers Can Develop the Right Side of the Brain

The brain of an engineer works in a logical and analytical way, but there are techniques to use to develop characteristics that can help find love and develop relationships

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Engineers get engineers. While personalities might be different in many ways, more often than not the way the brain of an engineer works is the same…or certainly similar.

Engineers, as you will know, are naturally dominant when it comes to the left-side of the brain. That’s no surprise when you consider just what it takes to get to the top of any profession in the field.

Analytical, logical, scientific, good with numbers and maths…all the attributes needed to become an engineer of significant note.

But it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that all adds up to a conflict when it comes to enjoying a long-lasting relationship with a partner from a completely different world to engineering.

Yes, engineers can date engineers. You might even be in that situation. They can have loving relationships, develop families and grow old together – all the time while having like-minded interests and expertise and having the dominant cogs of the brain working on the same side.

But what if the person you want to date isn’t from the engineering profession? How can you possibly work on extracting the most from the right-side of the brain where expressing emotions, having empathy, being creative and spontaneous are key attributes to take into a relationship?

If you are using online dating sites like this one in a bid to find new partners, then any preparatory work you can have done in developing the right-side of your brain – the emotional side – will be of significant benefit.

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It’s nigh on impossible to make an instant impression with logical thoughts, or by being analytical over an exchange of messages…particularly if you are chatting to a potential partner who works in a completely different field.

The same applies if you are meeting people in a bar.

Psychologists will tell you that the right side of the brain can be worked at to help develop feelings, emotions and other attributes that will allow you to have a much more rounded relationship. After all, your future partner may have a dominant right side of the brain and lack the logical nature of an engineer.

Relationships are unlikely to work long-term if there is a spreadsheet involved and a timetable or itinerary that must be adhered to strictly!

Squeezing a tennis ball in your left hand (or doing any left handed exercises) is said to help develop the right side of the brain, which will in turn allow you to see the bigger picture rather than get caught up in the nitty gritty and finer details of a relationship. Try it and bring a bit of spontaneity into your love life.

Doing puzzles or quizzes stimulates the right side of the brain and brings out creativity – something particularly useful when it comes to generating dating ideas. Looking at pictures or colours, taking photos or even scribbling down random thoughts or drawing will have a desired effect too.

So, it is clear that being an engineer and having that left-side dominant brain doesn’t have to have an adverse impact on your relationships.

Using some simple techniques can lead to a much more enjoyable, adventurous and enlightening time with your partner – whether they are from an engineering background or not!

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