An Engineer’s Guide on Improving Your Communication With Your Boss

You shouldn’t be too scared to initiate communication with your boss, they’re people too!

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We all know that feeling of not being able to have proper communication with your boss. Most often than not, bosses are seen as an intimidating figure, making them very hard to approach. Yes, they’re your superiors, but it doesn’t mean you’re not able to talk to them.

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Bosses are an important part of growing your career, and if you have a good relationship with them, they could guide you better towards reaching your goals. That goes without saying that getting to a good relationship requires good communication, that’s why we’ve presented some tips to help you get to talking with your bosses more.

Getting connected

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Just submitting your reports at the end of the each work week is not enough. Initiating a conversation builds rapport and could help you get a step closer towards building a good relationship with your higher-ups. Giving your boss an update with how your tasks are going is a good way to start. It’s easier to offer support to a person who asks for it.

Don’t leave your boss out

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In any type of communication, being left out is a bummer. That goes the same with your communication with your boss. Talking to them when there’s a problem rather than just waiting for them to find out themselves can build better trust between yourselves. This also presents an opportunity for you to talk about solutions on how you’d tackle the situation. Keeping your boss constantly informed is a great way to build trust.

Always be a step ahead

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A good boss would always appreciate someone who is always prepared. Taking the extra step or going the extra mile on your duties can create a better environment between you and your boss.

Don’t take feedback into heart

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Feedback is not an enemy. When your boss gives you feedback, it may sound like criticism but it’s for your personal growth. Mistakes that have room for improvement are better communicated and absorbed than hated. It’s not a personal thing, so don’t hate your boss for it.

Never forget the chain of command

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You and your boss might be on good terms, but that doesn’t mean you can bend the rules. Don’t get way ahead of yourself and challenge the chain of command. If there is a critical need to do so, do it by using proper communication. Don’t take your boss by surprise, there are better ways to handle things. And at the end of the day, your boss is still your boss.




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