Engineers Who Lack Experience Can Still Get Their Dream Jobs

Yes, it’s possible!

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Want to get a job? You need to get experience.

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It’s the cliche you’ll hear and read everywhere when you begin your first job hunt. So how can you get a job at a good company, if you don’t have any experience? According to Dandan Zhu, the CEO and Founder of Dandan Global, the simple answer to this question is that you should rely on your confidence over your technical qualifications so you can land into the company of your dreams.

What does that mean? It means that you should have the power to influence your future. If you believe that a company is just “too good” for you, you could be intimidated, nervous, stressed and uncomfortable during the interview. Thus, lowering your chance of performing your best during the interview. When you worry too much about the company name, you’re forgetting what is most important during the interview, that is the interviewer.

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We can’t deny that during the interview, you have to get past the interviewer to be able to get in the company you want. The interviewer will have their personal biases, their own way of communicating with you, and their expectations of the interviewees. It is these individuals whom you have to impress to get into your dream job.

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So here’s some basic steps on how you can get a job in a good company even if you lack the experience:

  1. List down the different companies you want to work at.
  2. Create a resume. Make sure it’s simple, grammatically correct and easily understood. Have it double checked by your parents, friends, or professor to see if you need to tweak some changes. Make sure that it has all the necessary details connected to the job you are applying for.
  3. Create a LinkedIn profile. If you already have one, make sure it’s updated so that employers can easily search your professional background.
  4. Apply. Apply. Apply. Send direct emails to managers, as well as the application system on their websites. If you’re a student, do your best to create networks with companies who visit your universities for job fairs. Give your resume, get their business cards, and don’t forget to follow up.
  5. When you get an interview. It’s always a good practice to be well prepared. Research everything you can about the company. Prepare to describe yourself and your background professionally.

6.Slay the Interview. Be prepared, and do your best. Here are some tips on how to be a likeable engineer to an interviewer.

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