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Engineers Rather Analyze than Memorize

Engineers exist to answer the hows and whys and not the whats.

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Every engineering course requires a lot of absorbing constants and formulas in order to survive college. More importantly in the field, engineers are required to have a grasp of values that are needed with work. But more than being able to memorize all those things, which can be found in books, codes, and charts, engineers are inclined to be more analytical rather than to have perfect memory.

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Perhaps that’s what sets engineers different from other professions. Others face and handle situations in their field directly by the books, while engineers look at the world as a problem to provide solutions that cannot be found instantly in printed work. Most problems require analysis, and the engineers are the ones who can answer them. In most cases, engineers derive work from existing designs and platforms; but ultimately, engineers approach problems with critical thinking even when not required.

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It is innate for every engineer to be curious about how things and systems work. An engineer looks at a dismantled machine and finds a way to make it work again; generates a new use from an old device; thinks how beams and columns in a structure are designed when subjected to different loads; and writes a program with a specific framework to solve a problem, among others. An engineer is about giving solutions that is rooted from inquisitiveness regardless of intent.

In essence, #engineers exist to answer the hows and whys and not the whats. Sure, an engineer can memorize a textbook word per word, but a real engineer is someone who can take something out of memory.

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