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How Engineers Should Respond When Faced With Trouble at Work

Here are 7 tips that will help you when some things did not go as planned.

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Engineers at work make sure on a daily basis that everything about the job is as planned. Things should be done according to what the engineers know is correct.

But time will come that no matter what the engineers do to prevent a disaster, uncontrolled factors will let it happen. That poses a problem and becomes bigger than it originally is when left unresolved.

So how do effective engineers deal with that? There are 7 key ways to deal with chaos and uncertainty:


In cases that engineers see themselves in situations that are already out of control, it’s important that you are able to communicate. Tell others what you know and you do not know. Be honest about what really is going on and maybe the colleagues can help.

Explain your plan

Far more important than communication is a plan that needs to be executed before things get worse. Engineering managers and leaders should always seek a way out by making suggestions based upon experience.

Ask for input

Of course you cannot know all the solutions to a problem, so you will need to ask for input from others. They might have the ideas they are only afraid to share because they are not asked, or they may provide vital information that will help you out of the chaos or uncertainty.

Be flexible and adaptive

Once there is a better suggestion from others agreed upon by everyone, be ready to accept it.

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Stay positive

There’s nothing worse than an engineer’s mind corrupted with negativity. Being in the forefront, you should be confident that things will eventually be resolved. Don’t be the one to spread a discouraging mindset by keeping your own fears. Instead, share your courage with others.

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Create small wins

Every engineer feels more encouraged when his idea or contribution is celebrated. Do this more often so that everyone can pitch in. Let them get that satisfaction they deserve, while providing the solution to an urgent problem. It’s a win-win.

Be visible and stay engaged

Nobody wants an engineer who doesn’t confront the responsibilities he is supposed to face. It’s part of the job of an engineer to deal with chaos and uncertainties along the way, so you need to make yourself as involved as possible.

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