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How Engineers Should Respond to These Tricky Situations at Work

Know how to handle these situations, gain control, and make the conclusion to your favor!

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Having to work on the technical aspects of engineering is already a challenge. What more if engineers will be bombarded by crazy workplace politics?

There will be times at work that you will experience awkward, also tricky, situations that require you to have the right responses. More often than not you will have to think how to react, but being at that moment you won’t have the convenience of time.

For this, it is only necessary for engineers to be aware of the common tricky work situations and how to respond to them, so you can gain control and make the conclusion to your favor. Here are five of them:

Someone takes credit for your idea

What engineers should do: Be able to say that that particular co-engineer has spotlighted your point, especially when speaking in a group. You have to let others know that you have ideas that help in the company and that you own them.

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A higher-up wants you to work on something that requires to stay late at work

What engineers should do: This depends upon the urgency of the work given and the outside commitment. But say that it is for a loved one that you are not staying late at work for, just do it. Do not feel guilty for declining that request.

You have to say no

What engineers should do: At times you feel like your co-engineer is pushing something towards you that you do not like or you have to keep preferences in work matters, just be polite about how you will decline. Give a good reason why you have to say no.

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You are obliged to give a negative feedback to someone you are close with

What engineers should do: Be nice while being honest. Make constructive statements as much as possible so not to ruin that relationship that you have with another employee.

You have to bring up an issue of unfairness to your boss

What engineers should do: Discuss it with your boss for clarifications. It only takes communication so that your concern will be noticed.

Source: Harvard Business Review


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