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For Those Engineers Who Want to Change Careers

Want to bail out in engineering? This is for you.

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Did you have a classmate in engineering who is now working in other fields and industries?

Perhaps you as an engineer fancy a career shift in business, law, medicine, hospitality, customer service, or academe?

This should not come as a shock because it is pretty common now that engineers are shifting careers.

Not all of us are bound to stay in the engineering field, and our careers will always face crossroads – for them, they just do not see themselves working as engineers anymore.

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Are you one of those engineers? Then this is for you.

Changing a career course should not be something that engineers should be afraid of.

We should never think that taking engineering was a mistake when we want to pursue a different job.

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If you are an engineer, you are allowed to change the direction of your career, regardless if you stay in another engineering course or a completely different one.

And there is not really a reason to fret about this because of one thing.

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You have transferrable skills.

As an engineering student, we are trained to analyze and think critically. We are also taught how to provide solutions to complicated problems using scientific, mathematical, and technical methods.

If your concern is that you will start over again – because that indeed can be scary – do not worry because you have transferrable skills.

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Critical thinking and step-by-step approach is crucial in any industry. Say you are in business, that skill of yours which you learned in engineering school applies in making sound decisions.

Not to mention that mathematical proficiency of engineers which could be used in other jobs.

We are surrounded with numbers and there is an advantage for engineers in this aspect because we know how to deal with numbers.

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Other soft skills that we have learned in our jobs are engineers are pretty universal as well. Communication skills, time management, and teamwork, among others are just as crucial when we work in other industries.

Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Dwell on that.

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4 shares, 112 points
Engr. Jenae Muller
Engineering geek. Currently working at Murray & Roberts Joburg. Former senior engineering recruiter at Group Five Engineering & Construction. Studied industrial engineering at Univ of Johannesburg. Kickass Dutch who likes tattoo. Blogging about innovations. Follow me on Linkedin


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