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Why Engineers Must Support Buy-One Give-One Products

If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s when you buy a product and the company you’re buying it from would give the same product to someone in need.

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buy-one give-one

This Christmas, it’s quite common for all of us to rush into malls to buy gifts for loved ones and friends. When doing so, we pick out what seems like something they would be glad enough to have. But did you know that there are stores – specific companies – that have a buying concept such as buy one – give one? If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s when you buy a product and the company you’re buying it from would give the same product to someone in need.

Source: Vision Pros buy-one give-one

If you really think about it, doing so allows you to do good in this world where everything is filled with bad news. These companies that follow a buy one – give one concept give out their products with every purchase you make to homeless people, shelter animals, poor communities and other  charities. TOMS, Out of Print, Better World Books, The Company Store and WeWood are among some of the companies that are dedicated in helping those who are in need in different communities. These companies have been doing this for some time already, and so far, it’s been a successful attempt to earn and help as well.

Source: Ruby Cup buy-one give-one

The buy one – give one concept has had good effects on several communities. For example, TOMS have donated shoes to different communities for all the purchases made by its customers. In doing so, the company reports that over 2 million children were protected from hookworm with the medication and TOMS Shoes they’ve received. Several children were identified to be needing malnutrition care from the “shoe-integrated health screenings” in Malawi. Enrollment in schools in Liberia increased after the TOMS Shoe distribution program began.

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Source: TOMS buy-one give-one

So it doesn’t really take too much effort to convince people why everyone of us needs to support buy-one give-one products. By helping the people around us, the good deed goes a long way. We may not directly see how it can affect someone’s life but it does. This Christmas, all it takes for us to help is know which companies follow the buy-one give-one concept and buy products we like from them. Not only will you be able to make a loved one happy, you could also help those in need even if you don’t know them.

Source: Institute for Faith, Work & Economics buy-one give-one

Christmas is, after all, a season of giving and sharing. For anyone out there with extra money to spend, support these companies and their noble pursuit of helping everyone in need.

Source: Warby Parker buy-one give-one

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Engr. Aaron Kesel
Based in Dallas, Texas. Aaron Kesel is a chemical engineer who works in semiconductor processing and manufacturing for one of the top 3 semiconductor companies. His specific area of expertise include Photolithography, diffusion, epitaxy, and metrology. Prior to this role, he has held positions in power distribution working around water purifiers and large scale industrial applications.


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