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Neil Enright, Regional Vice President Sales, Middle East and East Europe, Rockwell Automation wrote this inspiring article

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In today’s business landscape, is it still important to go an extra mile at work? How can an employer of choice support people ready to go the extra mile that is beneficial for both the employee and the company?

Going the extra mile isn’t all about working every hour of the day, nor answering emails from the boss late into the night. In fact, a culture of going ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ can be good for the employee, customers, and the productivity of the company.

I’m glad to say that I’m often told by customers that Rockwell Automation staff go the extra mile throughout the region, as I’m sure other countries and regional directors are too.

Employees who are new to the company often make the same observation – their new colleagues always make time to welcome them and help them to settle in. I believe it stems from a culture of inclusion within the company that values the input and potential of every person in the business.

I have seen one of our employees taking on a temporary role as a country leader for a short term before it gets filled. A mutually agreed and approved assignment as part of a continuing development, it was a shift of gear on his part. But he took it on and was supported by everyone within the company.

It also meant that his team would need to support him with his day job so that he could undertake the extra responsibility. Taking on the extra responsibilities presented the opportunity to gain valuable experience, grow skill sets and develop knowledge and insight into roles further along the career path.

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One of our country leaders is also one of our trainers. He’s been facilitating one of the best leadership programs we offer that has been running throughout the company for many years. His current role is already taxing, but teaching is his passion. He’s very good at it and continues to do it despite the expectations to deliver results from his day job. And he delivers. He goes the extra mile, and the organization supports him to do that.

There are a lot of stories like these. From the first day of work, this culture of support is apparent. It might be a challenging career, and there are incredible opportunities for anyone who wants to keep learning and progressing, but from Day 1 you are surrounded by people who are willing to help you navigate your way in.

Every employee is encouraged to continue their own development in a way that suits them. It’s not the same for everyone – job roles, responsibilities and career paths are unique.

Of course, this also has to do with each employee’s capacity, choices and priorities. Set your goals, initiate conversations and proactively get involved. Going the extra mile can take us all forward.


About the Author

Neil Enright is the Regional Vice President Sales, Middle East and East Europe at Rockwell Automation

Article Source: This article appeared first on Rockwell Automation blog.

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