Habits That Will Make You An Unlikeable Engineer

A likable engineer often outperforms those who aren’t generally liked by their officemates. It becomes advantageous for your career. But what if you're not?

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We all want to work in peace in the office. As much as possible, we try to be nice to the people we work with and avoid conflicts with them. We even try to be likeable even if it meant going out of our ways to help our co-workers.

Once people in your office are drawn to your presence, it becomes advantageous for your career. A likable engineer often outperforms those who aren’t generally liked by their officemates. Of course, certain behaviors could make you someone most would avoid to work with. So what exactly are these habits?

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1.    You share too much on social media.

We’ve all met someone who likes share a lot of information about their personal lives on social media. Whether it’s about their fight with their partners or sharing what they had for breakfast, people often find oversharing on social media annoying. Truth be told, nobody really cares if you had a fancy breakfast.

2.   Gossip all the time.

While gossips can be juicy and exciting, how would you feel if your co-workers gossip about you? Talking about someone’s misfortunes and personal lives will end up making people dislike you a lot. They wouldn’t even share to you anymore.

3.   Using your phone all the time.

You’ll come out as rude if you keep on using your phone even if you’re having a conversation with someone. When talking to someone, focus on the conversation, not on your phone.

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4.   Name-dropping every time.

While it helps to know a lot of people that could help boost your career, it is best for you if you avoid name-dropping them. If you do so, you’ll come out as an attention seeker and arrogant and nobody wants to hang out with people like them.

5.   Being a humble brag

Humble-bragging is as annoying as name-dropping. Saying self-deprecating remarks to gain the sympathy of your co-workers will backfire and leaves everyone frustrated as well.

6.   Being a close-minded person

If you want to get along well with the people around you, it is best to keep your mind open to other people’s ideas and opinions. If you think your opinion is the only correct one, nobody wants to listen to you anymore.

7.   When you’re too serious.

People will often tell you to lighten up when they think you’re too serious. Even though you have be serious at your job, it doesn’t mean you can have fun while achieving things. So go ahead, have fun and be passionate about your work.

8.   When it’s still early but you share too much

Nobody wants to know your whole business. Not everyone is interested to find out if you had sex with someone last night. Maybe it’s time you be careful with what you share and listen to the person you’re talking too as well.

If you reflect on your habits and identify one of these as your own, it’s better to quit it and try to be more likeable. Not only will it benefit your work relationships, it could help boost your career too!

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