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The Highest Paid Engineering Jobs of Today

Engineering salary survey

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Engineering profession is now accounted as one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Yup, that’s correct. But what about the highest paid engineering jobs? Interesting, right? So, if you are still a student or a professional who are left out in the cold confused, this might just help you get that career shift you’ve always wanted to do.

Most research says that these three were the highest paid engineering jobs of today:

First on the list are petroleum engineers. This came about with no surprise—who do you expect to keep your cars and machineries running if it weren’t for these fuel experts who do chemical engineering.

Petroleum Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $147,520
Projected Percent Job Growth: 25.20%

Working Hours: They are expected to at least have 6-7 hours per day, 9 am to 5pm but often include some extra hours. Offshore assignments require shift work, usually 12 hours on and 12 hours off continuously for two week.

Petroleum Engineer: Highest paid engineering jobs

Petroleum engineers are mainly involved on all stages of oil and gas field development, production and evaluation. Thus, their jobs are the most crucial as they hold the world’s economy by ensuring all oil and gas extraction are safe, efficient, continuous and of course, affordable for the consumers.

Coming on second place are aerospace engineers. With all that weight falling on to their shoulders every time a million-dollar aircraft takes off to flight; sure wouldn’t expect less from the rulers of air, space and weapons’ craft.

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Aerospace Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $107,700
Projected Percent Job Growth: 7.30%

Working Hours: They have a standard of 40 hours per week work load approximately 5-6 hours a day.

Aerospace Engineer: Highest paid engineering jobs

As to design, construction and maintenance of spacecraft, missiles and weapons systems are some of the major concerns of aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineers may have choice between research and development wherein they are responsible for environmental impact and fuel efficiency. The other one is focused on testing and maintenance which is tasked to operate, ensure flight safety and sustainability of the spacecraft.

The third one to take the limelight are engineering managers. Who told you that only business graduates take on the lead in managing empires? These well-compensated engineers are the ones behind the success of every project accomplished from the inside.

Engineering Manager

Average Annual Salary: $138,720
Projected Percent Job Growth: 6.70%

Working Hours: Engineering Managers spend at least 40-50 hours on a regular business week to meet strict deadlines and schedules.

Engineering Manager: Highest paid engineering jobs

Beyond operational side of engineering, engineering managers are specialized to lead and train technical personnel in either functional or project management. The job includes mentoring and coaching technical professionals while determining and implementing engineering strategies, policies and plans. Aside from this, they ensure project schedules, engineering standards of quality, cost and safety and overseeing maintenance requirements.

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