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How To Be A Likable Engineer At Work

There’s one simple trick to make the people you work with prefer you over someone else to work with.

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Are you a likeable engineer?


It pays to be likable in the office.

If we get along with people well, our job as engineers becomes easier and more fun.

We get to work with people who enjoy our presence as much as we enjoy theirs.

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In a competitive field where younger and better engineers can take away our jobs easily, it’s an advantage for those who are well-liked by their colleagues.

Being likable is very easy. No, you don’t need to be the smartest one or the boss to be liked.

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In fact, there’s one simple trick to make the people you work with prefer you over someone else to work with.

All you need to do is smile more.

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See? It’s not that hard. This should come naturally for the bubbly engineers but for those grumpy and moody ones, this should be a habit they must learn to practice at work.

When colleagues like you, there’s a high chance that you get chosen to be more promoted, presented with more opportunities and gain more connections at work.

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According to the researchers from Switzerland’s University of Basel, those who looked warm and incompetent were chosen to stay over those who looked cold and incompetent.

These series of studies were conducted with 480 participants.

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The aim of the study was to choose if one must excluded from a group based on the person’s appearance.

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This just shows that if you smile more, you would easily fit right in a group.

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Another study conducted by psychologists from the University of Wisconsin stated that people are more drawn to people who make them feel good. Smiling does that.

According to researcher Paula Niedenthal, “You reflect on your emotional feelings and then you generate some sort of recognition judgment and the most important thing that results is that you take the appropriate action–you approach the person or you avoid the person.”

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So if you have that winning personality wherein you appear to be approachable and warm, keep on smiling to your colleagues and to everyone else.

Chances are, it’ll help you improve your career as an engineer.

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Engr. Cody Catarina
Currently working as talent acquisition manager at Carillion Construction, Glasgow,UK. A badass mechanical engineer from University of Leeds. Editor and writer at GineersNow. Follow my travel and auto blogs


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