How to Survive the First Week of Your New Engineering Job

New jobs can be a pain especially if you’re still easing in. Here are some tips on how you can survive your first week at your new workplace.

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Whether it’s your first, second, or sixth job, easing in can be quite painful and overwhelming. While the job can still be the same, your workplace, coworkers, and even your boss would definitely be different. Before you know it, a whole stack of new projects would also come your way, and you’re tasked to complete it with as little training as possible.

Switching careers, from planning to designing, or from designing to product management, all has its own overwhelming factors. They suddenly expect you to create a blueprint or a draft of a new project without so much as a how-to or even a training manual to get you by. If you get buried in all of your tasks, you won’t last very long. Having the right mindset to overcome all these obstacles would allow you to survive, and even last long in your chosen field.

Discomfort can be a good thing

You may have already been used to your previous job. You knew how to fix everything. But sometimes, this sense of easiness that your tasks provides is your own bane. Doing easy things over and over will get you bored in the long run. Now let’s move on to your new job. You don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re probably all over the place. But this kind of challenge is exactly what you need to move forward in your career. No one grows doing easy things. Everyone needs a little hardship every now and then.

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Learn to accept help

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In your previous job, you may not have needed help in finishing your tasks. But now that you’re someplace new, it’s okay to ask for a bit of help. Avoid doing things without asking. If your coworkers or your manager seem irritated by your questions, ask them to point you to a resource you could study yourself.

It’s not going to be hard all the time

You have to accept that your first steps would be hard. It’s like getting your first scratches while learning how to ride a bike. After a while, you’ll gradually master what you’re doing, and soon enough, you’ll be breezing through everything.

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